DATE NIGHT WEAR & Loretta Lynn

April 10, 2012·

Hubs and I had a much needed date night last Saturday.

It’s so important, no matter how busy we get, to take the time to be together ALONE and date each other. Even if you’re not married – it’s so important to date your boyfriend, girlfriend, fiancé. Heck, even your best friend. Quality time with our best friends is SO important.

Anywho. I had two tickets to see LORETTA LYNN! Yes. THE country music legend, Loretta Lynn! I had gotten the tickets last summer when I still worked at the radio station and co-hosted a radio show with the folks at the Durham Performing Arts Center – they knew I loved Loretta and so they gave me two tix and a VIP parking pass. WOOT. The show was SUPPOSED to be in October but Loretta got sick (she is almost 77!) And then it got postponed again. And again.

But the show FINALLY happened last Saturday.

I’ll tell you all about where we had dinner on Friday… but in the meantime, here’s some fun DATE NIGHT wear (and a little Loretta). 🙂

YOU GUYS. I got this shirt from GOODWILL for $3. WHATWHAT!

Outfit Deets:

  • Shirt – Goodwill ($3)
  • Necklace – Wal-Mart ($5 – sale rack, whatwhat!)
  • Earrings and bracelet – Rustic Gem (jewelry from my wedding)
  • Jeans – Seven for All Mankind ($10 on eBay – Similar here)
  • Shoes – Nine West (Belk – $59 on Sale)

I can’t tell you how excited I was about finding that shirt. I have learned that when you’re thrift / goodwill shopping – you gotta look deep into the rack and see the potential in a shirt. [i.e. can you dress it up with jewelry? Or a blazer? Or a vest? Who knows? The possibilities are endless!]

What do you think? Love? Hate? Be honest! Any fab finds for you lately?

[Hubs still hates getting pictures taken. It’s cool. He’ll get used to it eventually.]


Can’t forget to show you a little Loretta!

How bad are ladies restroom lines now that we have to have an entire person DEDICATED to indicating where the line begins?! *le sigh*

You guys. This is Kacey Musgraves. She opened for Loretta. SHE WAS AWESOME. I feel like she could blow up any day. She was amazing. For reals.

Then LORETTA came out. SHE WAS SO FABULOUS. Check out that SWEET teal dress! I feel like Katelyn James would love it. haha.

Loretta’s grandson came out and played some songs he “wrote.” It was hilarious.

How amazing is that dress? Haha (sorry for the crappy photo quality. it was my iPhone in a dark theater. gimme a break).

I took some videos on my iPhone. Image quality isn’t great – but the sound is good. You can hear a twinge of age in her voice, but in general, she’s as good as ever! I hope I’m that fab when I’m 77.

Loretta sings “You Ain’t Woman Enough to take My Man”

Loretta sings “Honky Tonk Girl”

Loretta sings “Coal Miner’s Daughter”

I hope you guys liked the tour through our date night. What did you do this weekend? Anything fun? 
xoxo, All for now.