My Attempt at Fashion: Dresses + [Pink] Cowboy Boots

April 17, 2012·

You guys. Thank you for the words of affirmation yesterday. You know my love language all too well. Seriously, I appreciate you when you let me jokingly be self-deprecating. I know self-deprecation is not attractive, but I, you know, do comedy. And make the funnies. So, it’s all a bit.


I also ramble a lot. In case you haven’t noticed. It’s kinda mah thang.

I love cowboy boots. I always have, but it wasn’t cool or socially acceptable to wear them where I lived in Virginia. So when I moved to North Carolina, it was finally okay for me to bust out the boots!

I also love dresses. I love dresses because you look like you’re trying, when in reality you’re more comfortable than you would be if you were wearing jeans. Or a suit. UGH. Suits.

Then I love the combo of a good dress and cowboy boots. I mean, heck, we all wore boots in our wedding.

So, since I’m working on reviving the fashion sense a bit and the temps are getting warmer, I’ve been busting out the dresses + boots.

Whattya think?

Outfit #1

The Outfit Deets:

  • Dress: JCrew Factory (really old)
  • Cardigan: JCrew Factory (really old)
  • Belt: JCRew Factory (yeah, really old)
  • Scarf: Pashmina
  • Pink Boots: eBay!! I got them for $17 for my wedding! 🙂 You can get them here for $59, though!
  • Jewelry: Rustic Gem (bought for my wedding)

Also, I’ve been playing around on Polyvore (some… I started an account last Summer and wasn’t sure what to do with it… haha) and, although these are OBVIOUSLY not the same items (except for the boots) – it’s just a little inspiration for you. I’m quickly learning that you don’t have to have the EXACT same items to make an outfit work. It’s all about working with what you have! And as you can see by how many “really old” items I have, I’m working with what I got. 🙂


Glamorous Cowgirl
Outfit #2:

my attempt at a model face. i'm not too sure i got it.
my cray cray face

The Outfit Deets:

  • Dress: Urban Outfitters (Designer is “Lux” – this dress is like upwards of 6 years old… haha)
  • Cardigan: JCrew Jackie Cardigan in Navy (old, but a staple of JCrew)
  • Necklace – Kohl’s Jewelry (clearance!)
  • Boots: I got them for $10 from a thrift store around here. It looks like the brand is “Rodeo Drive” but who knows…

And here’s your Polyvore inspiration board:

Cobalt Cowgirl
Oh, and in case you didn’t believe me… here’s are some shots of the boots in action in our wedding:
What do you guys think? Fail? Win? Do you love the dresses + cowboy boots look? Tell me a story. I’m serious.
xoxo, all for now.