My Attempt at Fashion: The Bottom Dilemma

April 23, 2012·

You guys. I’d be lying to you if I said I haven’t been wanting a navy blue and white striped blazer for a while. It’s just one of those pieces I’ve wanted in my closet for what feels like a long, long time. Not sure why, I just have. However, I’ve never wanted to cough up the cash for one. I just don’t buy new clothes very often.

Like, rarely. If ever.

I’m trying to build a little money here or there in MY personal cash budget* to start getting some new stuff because A LOT of what I own is outdated. Now, I can’t do this a lot because when you’re married and you share a budget and finances – you have to think totally about the other person and I don’t want to spend all our money on clothing.

*SIDE NOTE ABOUT THE CASH BUDGET: one thing that has been awesome is hubs and I have built in to our joint budget is a small amount of cash for each of us. Those “John Cash” and “Molly Cash” lines in our budget are literally sums of cash we get to spend however we want during that month. No questions asked. That way, if hubs wants to go to Home Depot and get a new saw or something for the front yard, he can. If I want to go to Marshall’s and spend money on a new blazer, I can. Obviously there are exceptions, but sticking to that system has been good. We’re a couple months into this thing and that’s working out well for us.


Back on track.

But also, this whole “blogging what I’m wearing” thing has been a lot of fun because it has begun to force me to look at the pieces I DO have in my closet and resurrect them, if you will.

You know, think outside the box and gather inspiration from around the web and people I see on the street and see if I can be inspired by that style with things I already have. Now, I don’t mean copy their style – but be inspired to take that style and make it my own.

With ALL that being said… I went to Marshall’s last week and found this AWESOME striped blazer for $19. WOOHOO! Fit perfectly in my cash budget. WIN.

Now, the Dilemma I referenced in the title of this post is WHAT TO WEAR ON BOTTOM. I was seriously struggling. I couldn’t decide what bottom I wanted to wear with the blazer.

Here were my choices:

Outfit Deets (left to right):

  • Striped Blazer – Marshall’s ($19) – now, I couldn’t find the EXACT one online, but here’s one that’s close enough for government work from Gap
  • Blue Ruffle Shirt – Target ($6 on clearance – OLD)
  • Skirt – Banana Republic – (OLD)
  • Shoes – Rack Room Shoes (OLD)
  • Pink Skirt – Lilly Pulitzer (OLD)
  • Steve Madden Sandals (OLD – got them at DSW)
  • Necklaces – The Yellow one is Kazuri beads (got them when I was on my mission trip in Kenya) – the teal one I have no idea

Outfit Deets (from left to right):

Here’s what I ended up wearing:

Outfit Deets:

Okay, what do you think? Are these good prospects? What would you have worn it with? Do they all work? Do some not work? I want to hear feedback cause, you know, I’m just trying to figure this thing out. That’s why it’s called an ATTEMPT at fashion. 🙂


xoxo, All for now.