My Attempt at Fashion: The ASOS Skirt

April 24, 2012·

I am linking up with SIMPLY SARAH for this one! WOOT! She’s awesome and is doing a “Pinterest Inspired” link-up!

You guys, there’s this website called Pinterest. Have you heard of it?


Anywho. So, last fall, I saw a pin of an outfit and immediately FELL IN LOVE with it. I saw the photo and thought, “Oh my gosh I want to wear that. That outfit is probably a million dollars or something.” Well, I did a little click through and BOOM, saw that the skirt that went with the outfit was a cool $10.91. PLUS Free shipping. WHAT?! Call it ORDERED.

I knew the rest of the outfit would be a cinch.

Well, here’s the photo / pin that started it all:

Photo via ASOS. Sadly, the skirt is sold out right now, but they may bring it back in stock soon!

So, I ordered the skirt and I LOVE it. Well, I tried to replicate the outfit. How do you think I did?

you guys, i am not ashamed of this photo at all. i am weird and dang proud of it. HAHA!

Outfit Deets:

  • Skirt, ASOS
  • Shirt – $12 – Merona / Target (old, but still available)
  • Boots – No idea, they’re like, easily 10 years old. The branding is rubbed off the bottom of them.
  • Belt – Target (old)
  • Necklace – Wal-mart clearance

What do you think? Would you wear this? Did I nail it? Was this a miss? What sweet deals have you found lately? Tell me a story.

xoxox, all for now.