Home Decor Fabulousness at High Point Furniture Market 2012

April 25, 2012·


You guys, before this past Saturday, I had never been to High Point Furniture Market.

My father-in-law has worked in international sales for Century Furniture for almost 25 years. So, the FIL got hubs and I passes and since High Point is only about an hour or so drive from Chapel Hill, we decided to make a day of it. (I even got to spend time with my sister and the nephew later that day! SCORE!)

Well, even though we only saw the Century and Highland House (Highland House is also owned by Century) showrooms, I was in home decor heaven. Seriously. Oh, and the number of QUATREFOILS was insane. It was like they were taunting me with all their beautiful quatrefoils. SERIOUSLY. AHHH. SO MANY QUATS.

Now, of course 99% of it I could never afford, but hey, a girl can dream.

I also took a TON of pictures. Like, 726 to be exact. I have narrowed them down for you to my FAVORITE rooms. If you are REALLY curious to see other rooms, you can let me know and I’ll post more.

Now, I am not a professional photographer and these were all taken on my cell phone and Nikon point & shoot… so don’t judge.

Also, since I know you’re probably just DYING to know, here’s what I wore on Saturday:

(nothing fancy, I know, but we were doing a TON of walking around so I wanted to make sure I was comfortable)

Here’s my Polyvore inspiration board:

Green, Leopard, Yellow

NOW, on to the Home Decor HEAVEN!!

Look at this GORGEOUS quat chair:
LOVE this quat rug:
Just a quick shot of me being a total creeper in a fancy place. #WhyICan’tHaveNiceThings
Oh, so there was this time that I saw this random framed photo of CAMERON DIAZ at Furniture Market. WHAT?
I think you can gauge how fancy someone is by how large the magnifying glass on their coffee table is.
I honestly want to know what this is.
This photo doesn’t do the colors in this gorgeous room justice.
This teal and yellow room reminded me of Katelyn James haha!
This is the section of rooms designed by artist Bob Timberlake. We got to meet him, too! (he was SO NICE). I love the rustic look of his rooms.
I love this place setting idea for the fall or Thanksgiving. Heck, even Christmas. I don’t know why I’m seduced by old books all the time, but I am.
Again, with the giant magnifying glasses.
I love this one.
So this picture just makes me mad – because hubs and I brought home a real piece of reef EXACTLY LIKE THIS from Mexico from our Honeymoon – and we were gonna use it as decor… until our dog TATER ATE IT. Tater ate the reef. Ugh.
I want a display ladder like this so badly. I bet you I can make one…
Also not sure why but I love this, too.
Then there was this one time I walked into a room and found THIS GIANT QUAT MIRROR. Ahhhhh love.
Room with the giant QUAT mirror.
Love old doors like I love old books.
Some of the “outdoor” or “patio” decor / furniture
I love love love this coffee table. OH MY GOSH. This picture doesn’t do the gorgeousness of it justice.
This, Ladies and Gents, is an OSCAR DE LA RENTA designed room. He has a whole collection for Century. #SWOON
More Oscar de la Renta…
This was probably my favorite room in the WHOLE PLACE. Oh my gosh. It’s OSCAR DE LA RENTA. It has a quat mirror. GORGEOUS walls. GORGEOUS bedding. I love it all.
Love the pop of colors in this room. Also, Oscar.
I don’t think this is Oscar, but still gorgeous. I love the photo layout on the wall.
Found this SWEET chair. Decided to be silly. What else is new?
A bed with a quat headboard. Yes, please.
More quats on the wall. I wasn’t kidding when I said they were everywhere.
Who wants these dining room chairs? ME.
So, these things were in a dish as decor. I WANT TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO MAKE THEM. They were so cool!!!
How sweet is that iron bed?
Love these colors.
Phew. Okay. You still with me?
What did you think? Love? Hate? What were your favorites? Least favorites? What’s your dream room?
xoxo, all for now.