My Attempt at Fashion: Jewelmint!

April 26, 2012·

You guys, I’m going to preface this by saying I never win anything. Like, I never win stuff. Not even lame things. I just don’t win things. But I still enter contests for the heck of it.

Well, a couple weeks ago on one of my fave wedding blogs, Green Wedding Shoes, Jen (the editor) was holding a JEWELMINT contest.

Now, I’d drooled over Jewelmint for a while, but through wedding planning and saving money, I couldn’t justify $29.99 to join – even though I REAAAAAAAAAALLY wanted to.

Well, I entered the GWS Jewelmint contest and low and behold… I WON. I was SO EXCITED. I won $150 credit (which is basically the equivalent of five pieces of jewelry) – PLUS there was a promo for a BOGO piece of jewelry if it was your first time. So, BOOM. SIX pieces of jewelry. FREE. No shipping. NOTHING.

I was pumped.

I mean, the MOST money I spend on accessories is like $3 in the Target or Wal-mart clearance section. Seriously.

In short, Jewelmint is a “subscription” service where you join and pay $29.99 a month – and each month you get a new piece of jewelry (of your choice) – free shipping. You can like, skip a month, and whatnot… so it’s not like you’re locked in to a contract or anything. I think you can also buy credits too… OH and you can refer people and get free credits, too.

Now, I’m not being sponsored by Jewelmint or anything – I just figured I’d explain what it is for those who are curious! Cause I had no idea what it was when I first heard about it.

You may have also heard of Stylemint (clothes) or Shoemint (shoes, duh) – and OH MAN, they’re coming out with HOMEMINT. Yeah. HOME GOODS. Designed by JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE. WOOP.

Anyway, my Jewelmint prize / order came in yesterday and I was SO SO SO excited! I felt like it was my birthday, or something. I thought I’d share with you guys what I got. Honestly, even though I got all the pieces for free cause of the GWS contest, I would totally subscribe to this. I don’t think I’d do it EVERY month (cause that’s just not practical) – but for $29.99 and no shipping and REALLY good quality, unique jewelry, I’d do it again.

Just saying.

Sorry I ramble so much.

On to the jewelry:

I love the packaging!

Plume Paradise Earrings

The Shanghai Eclipse Pendant

The Atlantis Pendant

Natural Beauty Bracelets

Maasai Tribal Bangle

Garden Patch Trio Bangles

My Polyvore Board of my Jewelmint Items

Molly's April 2012 Jewelmint Items
Only thing that kinda stinks is one of the Natural Beauty Bracelets was seriously broken when I opened it… so sadly, I can’t wear it. So I contacted Jewelmint and BOOM, they’re paying the shipping for the return and giving me a credit for a new piece.

That’s a WIN, if you ask me!

I can’t wait to sport some of these!

Oh, and in the spirit of #WINNING, our CANVAS came in yesterday, too! We got 2nd place in the Katelyn James love shots contest (thank you SO much to everyone who voted!) and we got our GORGEOUS canvas. I am obsessed with it. It’s amazing. Isn’t it?!
Have you ever tried Jewelmint? Or any of the “mints” for that matter? Would you ever? Do you win contests or are you typically a contest “loser” like I am?
xoxo, all for now.