52 in 52: The Village Diner

April 27, 2012·

First, I’m going to throw this out there off the bat – I know the 52 in 52 posts aren’t very exciting for my blog-reader-friends who don’t live in my area. But that’s okay. Never fear. I’m gonna start posting twice on Friday’s with a little funsies in the afternoon. [Funsies = fun]

I know, what am I thinking? Oh well, I’m gonna give it a shot. I mean, it’s fun for me, so hopefully it’ll be fun for you, too!

Moving On.

You guys, not even gonna lie – I can’t believe I hadn’t even heard of The Village Diner before last week. And it’s in Hillsborough no less. I mean, we live in H-town. Apparently J had heard of it… but oh wells.

Well, Restaurant.com was running a special a few weeks back and we ended up getting a $25 gift certificate to Village Diner for only $2. WIN.

The Village Diner

600 West King Street Hillsborough, NC 27278 | (919) 732-7032 | Yelp | Facebook

Let me say this, The Village Diner is no fancy place on the inside or outside. It’s definitely, what some would call, a “hole in the wall” country diner.

Which makes it awesome.

J and I went with our friends to dinner that night (in part because you had to spend at least $35 to use the gift certificate… and it’s a diner where everything is like $3 to begin with). They have a buffet, which, of course, husband LOVED. That guy loves buffets. LOVES him some Golden Corral and whatnot.

Now, sadly for me, there was a ton of seafood on the buffet, and seeing as how I am allergic to fish, I can’t eat fish. Now, they also had pulled pork and fried chicken – but I had JUST had pulled pork for lunch that day so I couldn’t eat it twice. Although I did snag a taste from hubs and it was GOOD.

I got the sirloin, baked potato, and toast.

Here are some shots from the night:

MENU, y’all.

this is husband going back for seconds to the buffet. he will hate love me for posting this.

Yeah, it’s definitely nothing special on the inside.

This is C, he is the son of our friends. He’s pretty cool. He liked the food.

My dinner. The tater and toast were great. The steak? Not so much. Oh wells. I should have just gotten the buffet.

made him take a pic with me after din din.

Everyone else LOVED their food. I liked mine – but wished I had gotten something else. And oh man, I bet this place is BEAST for breakfast. We are definitely gonna go back for breakfast.

Overall Stillman Rating? My grade = 2 of 5 stars. Husbands grade = 4 of 5 stars.

Local readers: where are YOU eating this weekend? Non-local readers: where are YOU eating this weekend?