My Attempt at Fashion: Floral WHAT?! [+ a hike!]

April 30, 2012·

You guys, I’m not going to lie to you. I don’t know why I felt compelled to title this post “Floral WHAT?!”

[hike pics later in this post, if you care].

I’ll be honest and say that I felt kinda cheesy titling it “My Floral Pencil Skirt” or something of that nature. [HA! get it? nature? floral? #PunMaster] I mean, titles such as “My Floral Pencil Skirt” would work for someone with a much better innate fashion sense than I… but not for me.

Why did I just take a whole paragraph to address the title of this post? Another reason why I can’t have nice things.

Moving on.

I am linking up today on Marionberry Style’s “Floral Skirt” trend of the month challenge. I’m having so much fun trying new things and going totally outside of my comfort zone. It’s making me feel more creative and inspired when I get up in the morning and actually put a concerted effort into what I’m going to wear that day. Not that I slacked before, but I definitely wasn’t conscious about it all the time. Or something. I don’t know what point I’m trying to make.

Nevertheless, here’s my attempt a fashion: Floral WHAT?!

Outfit Deets:

  • Floral Pencil Skirt – JCrew – it’s a couple years old – I never wear it, but now this makes me want to wear it all the time! I got so many compliments on it last week.
  • Shirt – Target – $6 (on sale a while ago – plus I had a coupon!)
  • Belt –  Target (old)
  • Shoes – Nine West (Belk)
  • Necklace – Target (clearance)

What do you think? I almost paired the skirt with a similar shirt but in yellow – but I liked the sherbert color pulling the bits of orange out of the skirt.

So yeah, in case that didn’t excite you – I figured I’d share some photos from the weekend.

After church yesterday, hubs and I decided it was a nice day out and so we took the dogs to Occoneechee Mountain. It’s a, well, mountain, about five minutes from our house and we’d never explored it before. It ended up being a great work out – the loop trail we took is about three miles all the way around, but it feels WAY longer than that since 75% of it is uphill. My calves are feeling it today.

Oh, and the dogs were SO tired. Poor babies.

[handsome husband with tater… and i’m walking audrey]

[pretty flowers]

[so many steps and rocks and uphillness]

[we made it to the summit! so pretty. i can’t believe we live here!]

[husband likes to kiss my cheek in photos so he can avoid looking at the camera. avoider. hehe. he’ll get used to my picture obsessedness eventually]

[me with the tired pups]

[seriously, how pretty is this?]

[i may have carved our initials in the fence. SHHH don’t tell anyone… oh wait.]

So yeah. Good times.

What did you do this weekend? Any adventurers out there? Oh, and are you attempting the floral WHAT?! this year?

xoxo, all for now.