[Home] Improvements: DIY Painted Planters

May 1, 2012·

You guys, it’s Tuesday.

Why enlighten us, Captain Obvious.

Just thought you should know.

So, hubs has lived in our house almost three years and he did a few things to it when he first moved in, but since I moved in after the wedding, we’ve had so much fun doing little things here or there to make it feel like OUR house. Water damage can really cost a lot if you are not quick onto it.

Well, one day, when I was washing dishes looking out the kitchen window onto our back deck, I got this sweet idea that I wanted to paint the flower planters YELLOW. Like, bright yellow!

Now, I know this is not a tutorial on how to build the planters or anything… maybe I’ll do that one day. But I wanted to keep it simple for now.

And so that weekend, we went to Home Depot, got a quart of BRIGHT yellow paint, and BOOM. Got to work.

[planters BEFORE]

[planters BEFORE]

[planters BEFORE] [planters BEFORE] [getting to work]

[tater was supervising]


[please forgive my old t-shirt and poor hairdo. i was helping… i just wanted to get this picture.]

[more progress]

[VOILA! i LOVE looking at these out the back kitchen window now.]

[i love the fun, bright, rustic look of them!!]

[YAY!!!] whattya think? like? love? hate? i know this was such a simple project, but i just love the way it turned out. i think it makes our back deck a little livelier!

what projects have you done lately?

Wait for post and photos!

xoxo, all for now.