My Attempt at Fashion: Salute Your Shorts! + a doggie photoshoot

May 2, 2012·

You guys, I love shorts. Also, I love doggie photo shoots.

We run. We jump. We swim and play. We row and go on trips
But the things that last forever… are our dear friendship.

Man I loved that show. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Then you must not have watched Nickelodeon in the 90s.

For a long time, I didn’t love shorts cause I’m short and I felt like they made my legs look stumpy. But then I just realized I wasn’t getting the right style shorts and I was getting them too small.

I have since learned from my short mistakes. And now I love shorts. LOVE em. 

I know these outfits are a bit more “caz” – is that how you spell the abbreviation for casual? Casual. Cas. Casj. You know what I’m trying to say.

The doggie photoshoot is at the end of this post. Don’t give up now.

Anyway. What do you think of these ensembles? Do you love / hate shorts?


[instagram, yo]

[i’m a creeper]

[seeing as how this is my only full length mirror (i know i need a new one) i was trying to go with the “flow” of the mirror]

Outfit Deets: Shirt: Old Navy | Cardigan: JCrew (warehouse sale) | Shorts: Belk | Boots: Urban Outfitters (really old) | Necklace: Express



[haha why do i do these faces?!]

[you know, spicing it up with a jean jacket]

[sans jean jacket – and yeah, i’m in a target dressing room. sue me].

Outfit Deets: Shirt: Target | Short: Vineyard Vines (really old) | Boots: vintage / thrifted | Jean Jacket: Ann Taylor Loft (old) | Jewelry: Jewelmint



[i decided that you guys deserve better and that i should at least try to get some better photos. it’s tough to get someone else to take them – i’m not gonna make husband take them… so i attempted with a tripod. i felt awkward. i am clearly not made for fashion photography – also, notice my dogs supervising]

[does anyone else feel awkward when they take pictures like this? just me?]

[WHAT? a white jean jacket? so hot right now. or something. also, i like how tater is either smelling and / or about to lick my leg. thanks, tater.]

[tater decided, yes, she wanted to lick my leg right as the photo was getting snapped]

[up close and personal]

[i thought this was hilarious. i wanted to take a foot pic and BOOM, tater wanted to take a foot pic, too. tater’s toenails are so hot right now]

Outfit Deets: Shirt: Wal-mart ($4, yo!) | Shorts: JCrew 5″ chino (old, but they still sell them) | White Denim Jacket: Old Navy (BUT, I found it at a consignment shop! WOOHOO!) | Necklace: I made it | Bangle: Jewelmint | Sandals: JC Penny (old)


[You know, since tater and audrey are girl dogs, they wanted in on the fashion shoot. So I took some pics of them. This is them working the camera.]

[audrey with her “nose in the air” pose. it’s her signature move]

[audrey with her “submissive” pose – another signature]

[Tater’s pensive pose]

[tater’s “is that a squirrel?” pose. a signature, for sure.]

I hope you liked my doggie fashion shoot.

Also, what do you think? Are you a shorts fan? You know, just trying to figure it out.

xoxo, all for now.

pleated poppy