1. I also did not know that pub was short for public house! Consider this my new thing learned for the day! PS- your pup is cute. I also got a puppy by marriage (from my husband) and I love that dog but I will always favor my doggie because she was my first born!

  2. This post made me hungrryyy. I don’t live in a small town (outside of NYC, not so small at all) but there is a burger place here that…omg. I don’t even LIKE burgers (I stopped eating them 9 years ago) and even I have get sucked in to those bad boys. This looks like a fun idea though!

    1. thanks!! oh noes! when are you guys moving to PA? the south will miss you. there’s really nothing like it. (are you gonna change the name of your blog to northern lovely? ;))

    1. thanks girl! we’ve been trying it for a couple weeks and it’s been really fun! we haven’t restricted ourselves to our town (our town is so small) but the surrounding areas count, too! 🙂 have an awesome weekend xoxo

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