52 in 52: The Wooden Nickel Public House [ @WNP_HboroNC ]

May 4, 2012·

You guys, hubs and I love going to restaurants that we haven’t been to in our town. Well, hubs had been to Wooden Nickel, but I had never been.

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If you’re new to the blog, 52 in 52 is a weekly column I’m writing – husband and I are trying 52 different restaurants in 52 weeks – they have to be restaurants AT LEAST one of us has never been to. WOOP!

The Wooden Nickel | 105 North Churton Street | Hillsborough, NC 27278 | (919) 643-2223

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I mean, the Wooden Nickel is a STAPLE in Hillsborough. It’s a small town pub.

BTW: did you know pub is short for public house? I actually did not know that. New things you learn every day.

Anywho. Here are some shots from dinner and, of course, our thoughts on the place.

[this is downtown Hillsborough. it’s not much, but it’s awesome. it’s a small, quaint, southern town and we LOVE it. the Wooden Nickel is on the other side of those trees… they’re being covered up…].

[more of downtown Hillsborough]

[that’s hubs in the right corner scratching his head. that’s the wooden nickel on the left. those are people eating outside the wooden nickel. don’t you love it?]

[it was a busy night so we sat at the bar. here’s a shot of the menu. you know].

[this is a shot of inside the pub. it’s small. this was the view from my seat. and see that special? MAC AND CHEESE CHILI BURGER? yeah, hubs got that].

[view to the left of where we were sitting – that’s Drew behind the bar. he was awesome].

[ANY bar / restaurant / public house that has those hooks underneath the bar for your purse wins in my book. I HATE having to put my purse on the floor when i’m sitting at the bar. HOOKS WIN! also, yes, that’s my Louis Vuitton. i have had it for years. it was a foolish, foolish financial decision / purchase i made in college when i was like, “oh? i can put this one a credit card? YEAH.” bad idea. more on that later. i should sell it, but i can’t part with it].

[my dinner. buffalo chicken potato skins. they were good, not great. but i could tell that it was more my taste buds than anything].

[i couldn’t even get husband to put his dinner down long enough for me to take a picture of it. mac and cheese chili burger and garlic fries. i’m gaining weight thinking about it. i had a bite. it. was. delish. omgah. so good].

Anyway. The place is awesome. Drew (our waiter / bartender) was AWESOME – called us by name, was super helpful. Christina was also working and she even called me by name and she wasn’t even our waitress. It’s just one of those small town pubs that has awesome bad-for-you-comfort food and amazing hospitality.

I think we’re gonna make this place a regular stop.

Overall Stillman Grade: 3.7 outta 5 Stillman Stars

Any small town restaurants out there you love? Any places we should try this week? Leave a comment below with a place you know we HAVE to go.

xoxox, all for now.