Friday High Fives!

May 4, 2012·

You guys:

May the 4th Be With You.

And also with you.

Look, I’m not even a Star Wars fan (as in, like, I’ve never seen them. Shame, I know), but that joke cracks me up. I have no idea why.

A lot of things to high five about this week. Let’s get to it.

[one – this dog. you guys, i have two dogs now (you know, since you marry husbands and dogs) but this is my baby. she’s been with me for over four years. and i love her. this is what she does to me outside my bathroom in the morning while i’m getting ready. SERIOUSLY? i can’t handle her].

[two – burritos. i mean, burritos are my thing. they’re my beat. i’d eat ’em every day if i could. breakfast burritos. lunch burritos. dinner burritos. fourth meal burritos. i love them. really, i love Mexican food in general, but you win me over with burritos. today, i’m going to purchase $30 in gift cards to Chipotle – cause if i purchase $30 in gift cards to Chipotle for “graduation” you get a free meal. psh. i mean, i’m gonna spend AT LEAST $30 at Chipotle in the next six months. i’m graduating… from being awesome. i give myself those gift cards. AND i get a free meal. that’s called forward thinking my friends].

[three – these neon toe keds-looking shoes i made. yeah, i made ’em. you can bet your boots a tutorial is coming next week. they only cost me $5 dollhairs. BOOM].

[four SWIM FOR SMILES is this weekend! the company i work for also happens to run a non-profit youth triathlon that raises money for the NC Children’s Hospital and it’s THIS SUNDAY. every one has been working SO hard and it’s gonna be awesome to see it all come together on Sunday!]

[five – Christopher and his Lion Story. now, some of you who are new to my blog might not know that i went on a mission trip to Kiria, Kenya last summer. I also sponsor a young girl in Kiria named Anastacia (photo in this post). Kenya has a major place in my heart. i knew when i left that i would go back again, but i also knew i wouldn’t want to go without my husband. so, john and i are going back in September. we’re going to do the best we can to try and go back to the community once a year. it’s going to be difficult, but God willing, it will happen. this post is not about that and i’ll probably talk a lot about it later, but if you’re interested in more information you can certainly ask me, or if you are feeling generous and want to donate – we listed information on our wedding registry on how to do that. ANYWAY. that’s not what this is about.

this is Christopher. he is one of my many Kenyan friends. he has a story about a lion. now, this is a condensed version of the story i experienced, but it’s still awesome nonetheless. i saw this video that was posted yesterday and it totally made my day. i miss that guy. can’t wait to hear it again in person.

gah. i miss kenya].

Christopher and the Lion from The 410 Bridge on Vimeo.

Anywho. That’s what I’m high fiving today. What are you high-fiving today? Share a link below!

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xoxo, all for now.