1. I made this for dinner tonight, it came together so quick and everyone loved it! Including Mr. Picky 4 year old that won’t eat anything besides hash browns and chicken nuggets. Thanks for a great recipe!!

  2. mmmm, I gotta try this … I’m a Mexican food junkie also! I will add fresh cilantro, I put it on everything!!!!!!!! pippa

    1. thanks, mary ann!! that’s awesome that you’re boyfriend grew up in Mexico – does his family cook traditional dishes? one of my BFFs growing up was from El Salvador and i LOVED visiting her family cause they would make some BALLER meals. thanks for the comment, girl.

  3. Molly, thanks for sharing! I know that tutorials like these take FOREVER to put together, so thank you!!! I’m definitely going to try this. My most favorite Mexican dish has to be huevos con chorizo. Not super exciting, but I can eat that stuff like nobody’s business. Have a great day, lady!

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    1. OH GRRRRRRL i LOVE huevos con chorizo! SO GOOD. seriously. i love love love that dish. but like i said, i pretty much will eat any mexican dish that gets put in front of me. xoxo 🙂

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