My Attempt at Fashion: Monochromatic WHAT?!

May 10, 2012·
this is still awkward for me. i swear, i’m only MILDLY this awkward in real life.

You guys, since I’m still getting the hang of things in this whole “Blogging about what I wear” and “Being conscious about what I wear” whatnot, I love looking to other people for inspiration.

I like to think that I have my own style. It’s rare that I’m going to copy a style item for item – but I think you can gain a lot of inspiration from other styles and/or learn how to work a style in your own way.

Or something.

Anywho, I’m a huge fan of Marionberry Style. Like, this lady is a teacher (I used to be a teacher), she’s a wife, she loves fashion, and she is FREAKING HILARIOUS. Seriously. That girl is funny. I love her fashion sense and I love using some of her looks for inspiration. (Check her out here).

I had tried a look earlier this week and then saw her post this yesterday, and BAM. I knew it wasn’t an exact, but she did a great job of explaining the whole “monochromatic styling” thing. That’s a huge word for a simple style.

AND, when I saw another blogger lady (Simply Sarah!) I love decided to host a “Blogger Copycat” link up – I thought, WHAT THE HEY? Why not give it a shot? So I did. Imitation is the best form of flattery, right?!

Anyway. I am rambling.

[Here’s my inspiration photo – Courtesy of MARIONBERRY STYLE. Check her out, yo].

[Here’s my monochromatic pink / coral look. Again, I still feel SO awkward with these self-portraits. There’s no avoiding it. So I’ve decided to have SOME fun with it. Care to join me?]

[This is my pensive look].

[Typical thumbs up, mouth open shot. You know, that ‘ol chesnut’].

[I think my dog had just licked my leg. I have got to start putting the dogs inside the house when I take these photos. Also, I should really think about moving that dog water bowl…]

[You can’t see it, but I’m enjoying a Diet Coke right now. I should be sponsored by Diet Coke. For reals].

[Just another Diet Coke break. No big deal].

OUTFIT DEETS: Shirt: Walmart ($4!) | Skirt: JCrew Factory (Summer 2011) | Belt: Target | Bangle: Jewelmint | Heels: Nine West

Anyway. What do you think? Besides the bad photography and wrinkles in my skirt (dang desk job making me sit down and get wrinkles in my skirt haha) – do you like the monochromatic look? Do you rock similar styles? Do you think this trend will come and go?

Be sure to check out Marionberry Style and leave her some love.

Also, check out Simply Sarah for the linkup, yo.

xoxo, all for now.