Friday High Fives!

May 11, 2012·


It’s been a busy, but AWESOME week. And I’m off work today! My boss closed our office since we had such a busy weekend last weekend running Swim for Smiles! WOOP! SO, on my day off I’m going to go have brunch with my sister and nephew in Burlington, NC this morning, so I’m pumped about spending time with her and my ADORBS nephew. Also, I’m getting a cake from her for a baby shower for a dear friend of mine from church that I’m helping to throw.

Oh yeah, my sister makes baller cakes. She even made my wedding cake! And it was BEAUTIFUL.

Also, I had an awesome date night with hubs last night. Review of the restaurant coming in this week’s 52 in 52 later today (be sure to check back :))!

Phew. That’s a lot. Anyway, here’s what I’m high-fiving / you know, highlights from the week, today:

[1. Oatmeal Raisin Cookies from Sweet Neighbors. You guys, my neighbor (to the right of us) is a sweet, sweet little old lady named Nell. This weekend she knocked on my door and brought me cookies. She felt bad she didn’t welcome me to the neighborhood after I married John. Seriously? How sweet is that. This is why I LOVE living in the South. It’s so rare you have a neighbor bring you Oatmeal Raisin cookies just for the heck of it. Oh, and also, the cookies were AMAZING. Nell don’t play.]

[2. You guys, I conquered my fear of heights for the sake of a photo. So, I was in charge of taking event pictures at last weekend’s Swim for Smiles – and I thought, hey, I should get a picture of the whole event from the top of the rock climbing wall. Sure, it sounded like a good idea at the time. But I’m scared of heights. I did it anyway! See? That camera there on my back. That’s dedication to your job if I’ve ever seen it, folks. Anywho. I felt so relieved once I was back on the ground.]

[3. My JCrew via eBay via Hong Kong necklaces finally arrived!! I’m not afraid to admit that I finally caved on the Bubble Necklace Bandwagon and bought this baby from eBay. I don’t exactly have $150 to buy the real thing from JCrew, so this is the next best thing. Now, I’m gonna say, this thing FEELS real. If it’s fake, you could totally fool me. Anywho, I love it. I kinda wanna wear it with all my outfits. Sue me.]

[4. I am not high-fiving this. But it happened this week, so I figured it’d be appropro to share. It rained all day on Wednesday. We have a fenced in backyard at our house so we usually leave the dogs in the backyard all day while we are at work. They love it that way. However, when it rains all day, we leave them inside. This, ladies and gents, is why I HATE leaving them inside. They’ve been SO good about not going through the trash. And boom. I spoke too soon. Only God knows what they could have eaten. I know there was half an onion, a banana peel, and the innards of a New York Super Fudge Chunk container that were CLEANED OUT. It’s a good thing our dogs have stomachs of steel cause they very well could have died. I’m not joking. But yeah, I know they don’t mean it, but I was annoyed.]

[And then Tater does this and hangs her head sheepishly because she knows she’s in trouble. And I can’t stay mad at her. Look how cute she is.]

[6. Spending Mother’s Day with my new mother-in-law. For those that know me personally or have been reading my blog a long time, you know mother’s day can be hard for me – my mother passed away almost 10 years ago. But this Mother’s Day I’m excited to celebrate her but spend time with my new mother-in-law! John and I are heading to Newton on Saturday afternoon after the baby shower to spend time with his parents. They’re so wonderful and I’m so blessed to not only have one, but TWO amazing families I love so much! (This photo is of me and my MIL at my bridal shower)]

Anywho. That’s what I’m high-fiving / highlighting this Friday. What are YOU high-fiving? What are you celebrating? What are you doing for Mother’s Day? What’s making you happy? What fears have you conquered?

xoxo, all for now.

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