1. That necklace is super cute – I definitely agree about going the cheaper route. I might have to look into that!

    Enjoy spending Mother’s Day with your mother-in-law, and I hope that you and your husband have a special holiday together. 🙂

  2. Molly, I didn’t realize you had lost your mom, and I’m so sorry – hopefully spending time with your MIL, who sounds wonderful, will take away the sting a little bit. And Tater has TOTALLY perfected that “I’m so sorry look” … it’s like she knows the exact effect it will have … LOL.

  3. I did the same thing you did with that necklace – I also ordered the Ebay via Hong Kong and just got mine this week. I agree – you can’t really tell the difference. It feels real.

    Your dog is so cute. I believe all dogs are really good at that shameful head hanging just so that we forgive them fast.

    I had no idea about your mom, and I’m sorry to hear about your loss. At least you have a MIL that you love and get along well with! Not all of us have MIL’s like that.

    Hope you have a fabulous weekend!!

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