1. Hi! I LOVE the shower idea!!!!! I’m going to do it for a co-worker! I was wondering if you would share the invitation format? You are much more creative than me and it would be awesome. Thanks!!!

    1. Hey Stacie! I designed it totally from scratch in Photoshop – the photo that’s superimposed on the background is even a photo of the mother I was throwing the baby shower for. Send me an email – mollystillman at gmail dot com, if you’d like and I’d be willing to make a new, totally customized one for you for a small fee. Just let me know!

  2. You are too cute! Love the theme and so fitting!! Looks like you take excellent photos to me!
    May I feature the party in my Soiree Day?

    1. hey jennifer! thank you so much for the sweet comment! and that would be SO sweet of you to feature it on Soiree Day!! i’d be honored 🙂 thank you SO much!!! you are awesome.

  3. Aw what an adorable baby shower!! I love the guitar case asking for tips. Too cute!! I can’t wait for one of my friends to get pregnant so I can throw a baby shower!!

  4. haha, longest post EVER. yet, i was still sad for it to end. i could look at maternity photos all day…and you did a great job with those!

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