[FASHION + PORTRAITS] Born to Rock Baby Shower

May 15, 2012·

You guys, this is going to be a long post. I am not sorry though because this post, while long, is FULL of pretty people and pretty things. So, check it out.

This past weekend, some girlfriends of mine from church got together and threw the SICKEST Baby Shower for our dear friend Emily. Emily + Dustin are expecting a baby girl, Austyn Blakeley in July. Emily + Dustin are both worship leaders at our church and so when I was coming up with a theme for the shower,  “Born To Rock” I knew IMMEDIATELY would be PERFECT.

To start, I’m gonna get the boring stuff outta the way – my outfit for the shower!

[i wanted to look cute, but also be comfortable since i knew i’d be running around and setting up. hence why i went for my trusty pink cowboy boots rather than heels. i would have DIED in heels. plus, the pink boots went with the theme.]


[my attempt at being “couture”]

[i am a dork.]

Outfit Deets:

Okay, now the outfit part is over with – let’s get on to the party details. Again, the theme was “BORN TO ROCK” – so, we just went with it.

[so, these were the invitations i designed. i wanted them to look like a “band flyer” – i designed them in photoshop and then had them printed at kinkos! it was super easy and i loved the way they came out. (i blurred out the details obviously haha)]

[my A-MAZING sister made the cake for the shower. she made the cake for my wedding and when i asked her if she would do the cake for the shower, i was PUMPED when she agreed. and it was SO awesome (not to mention SO DELICIOUS). you can check out my sister’s stuff on facebook!]

[i lost my pin almost right away]

[my friend ariel put these swag bags together – they had DELISH cakes pops, DIY hair bows, and sweet bracelets in them!]

[in lieu of a guestbook, we had a guitar case for “tips” – guests wrote tips to the new parents about parenting, love, and life! it was a hit!]

[emily has been craving breakfast foods throughout her pregnancy, so we had BREAKFAST foods galore! jackie pitched in and helped to get the coffee and paper plates and my friend dani worked SO hard and made ALL the food.]

[you know, just posin’]

[so many wonderful gifts! austyn is so loved already!]

[my friend ashley came up with all the baby shower games – she did such a great job finding really fun games for us to play!]

[time for me to cut the cake!]

[some other fun shots from the party]

[seriously, how cute are they?]

[the beautiful mom to be and ashley!]

[our game planner!]

[yeah. i had a piece of cake with black icing. woops. i am awkward.]

[it takes A LOT for me to post this on my blog. those onesies should be carolina blue, but i’ll deal for now cause i love her.]

[swag bags!]

[the gang]

[emily and her mama are so pretty!]

[the party planners and the mom to be!]

[seriously, how pretty and awesome are my friends? these are some of the most wonderful, godly, caring, selfless women i know.]

[the mom to be and me]

[and this is what i love about her! hahaha doesn’t take herself too seriously.]

so then, we decided to have an impromptu “maternity portrait session” – note: i am no professional photographer. i just love taking photos (always have) and emily is a pretty dang good model! i’m so glad she’s allowing me to share some of these GORGEOUS photos.



[emily (and dustin) play the guitar – so this was only appropriate…]

[i want her eye color!]


[emily could seriously be a model]

[my attempt at being artsy]

[how gorgeous are they? such an amazing couple! these two love the Lord and are going to be amazing parents]

[dustin cracks emily up all the time]

[oh my gawsh]

[hahahahaha bellies!]


[austyn is going to be so loved]

phew. okay. that was a LONG post. i know. but wasn’t it AWESOME? what was your favorite part?

pin your favorite photos! comment below and tell me what you loved the most! oh, and ALL the photos from the day are going to be up on my Facebook page later today!

thanks for sticking with me. i’m so blessed by amazing friends!

xoxo, all for now.


OH, and one more thing, I made a “baby shower” playlist that played in the background of the party and I kept getting questions about what songs were on it – here’s the playlist for those who are curious:

  • “Baby Baby” – Amy Grant
  • “Baby I Want You” – Amos Lee
  • “Baby” – Brandy
  • “Hey Baby” – Bruce Channel
  • “Baby Blue” – Dave Matthews Band
  • “American Baby” – Dave Matthews Band
  • “Beating Heart Baby” – Head Automatica
  • “Baby Be Mine” – Michael Jackson
  • “Little Bitty” – Alan Jackson
  • “I Wonder” – The City Harmonic
  • “Born to Run” – Bruce Springsteen
  • “Born for This” – Paramore
  • “Sweet Child O’ Mine” – Guns N Roses
  • “Always Be My Baby” – Mariah Carey
  • “Baby I Need Your Lovin” – The Four Tops
  • “Baby I Love You” – The Ronettes
  • “Baby Love” – The Supremes
  • “Baby” – Justin Bieber
  • “Baby It’s You” – The Beatles
  • “Be My Baby” – The Ronettes
  • “Baby, I Love Your Way” – Peter Frampton

Oh, and yeah, I’m out of control and ALSO made a little video of the day! I’m an amateur, but thought I’d share it anyway. 🙂