My Attempt at Fashion: Cobalt, Bubble Skirts + Bubble Necklaces!

May 17, 2012·

You guys. Okay. I jumped on the necklace wagon. I got my JCrew via Hong Kong via eBay necklace. Only $7 dollhairs plus $5 shipping. WHATWHAT?!

I’m not gon’ lie. I’m obsessed with it and now I want it in every color.

ALSO, I found an AWESOME blogger, Christine Andrew, who also runs an AWESOME Etsy shop, ILYCouture, and she makes the necklaces, too! You’ve probably seen some of her styles floating around Pinterest

Well, I have had this skirt for, what feels like, forever. And so I LOVED wearing the skirt again (I like to think it’s almost like a bubble skirt… amiright?!), pairing it with my trusty cobalt shirt, and my necklace!

What do you think? Would you wear this? Have you hopped on the “bubble necklace” wagon? Or whatnot.

[tater is forever trying to get up in my grill. love that dog.]

[tater looks a little like she’s judging me…]

[without fail. thumbs up.]

[now, if you follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you may have seen I posted this picture last week and polled whether I should go BELT or NO BELT? now, I know the photos above are sans belt, but i did end up going WITH the belt which I loved. I just didn’t have it on in those pics. i hope you’ll forgive me.]

Outfit Deets:

  • Skirt: South Moon Under (circa 2005?)
  • Cobalt Shirt: Banana Republic Outlet (circa 2007?)
  • Necklace: JCrew via eBay
  • Sandals: Steve Madden
  • Belt: Target

all that social media talk reminds me – I just learned about this “bloglovin‘” – i mean, i knew what it was, but didn’t set one up… well, i set one up. SO, you can follow me on bloglovin’, if you so desire.

also, i started Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 last night. I was dying. I mean, seriously. I felt like I was about to PASS OUT. I’m not trying to lose a bazillion pounds or suddenly fit into a size 4, that’s just not in the cards for me. I know what my body can look like and I know how I am when I feel healthy – and honestly, that’s all I want. So, we’ll see. I will keep you guys updated on the Jillian Michaels…

anywho. what are you wearing today? (i mean that in the least creepy way possible) – share your stuff in the comments below!


xoxox, all for now.