52 in 52: Vinny’s Italian Grill + a Serious Confession

May 18, 2012·

You guys, I have a confession to make right off the bat. No pun intended. So, last night at the baseball game (see why I said no pun intended? bat? baseball game? no? bueller?) husband and I were sitting in the stands watching the game –  some other of his coworkers around us – just chitchatting. We were enjoying the game and suddenly I had a craving for cotton candy. Well, a few minutes went by, and suddenly I noticed that about 10 seats down from us (which our whole row was empty other than us) there sat a BRAND NEW bag of cotton candy. Alone. In a chair. No one eating it. Just sitting there.

So, I watched the bag of cotton candy for about 5 minutes. The cotton candy sat there. Alone. No one eating it. So, my thought was, “Oh snap! Someone left their cotton candy. That cotton candy shouldn’t go to waste.” I made my husband go get the bag from the seats. We were giggling thinking the whole thing was silly. We started eating the cotton candy. I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW. SO TERRIBLE. But NO ONE WAS EATING IT! It was just there all by itself! No jackets or purses or other accoutrements to show that it was someone’s cotton candy. Well, after we ate about 1/4 of the bag (to, maybe, almost half… nah, not THAT much) AND sharing it with some of the coworkers, this wave of guilt came over me and I put the rest back in the bag and tied the bag up and put it back on the chair where we found it.

Well, needless to say, TEN MINUTES goes by from the time I set the bag back down and boom! a couple sits down in the seats where the cotton candy was and opens the bag and starts eating it. APPARENTLY IT WAS SOMEONE’S COTTON CANDY. OH NOES!

I started to feel SO bad. And all I could do was giggle awkwardly. Cause they TOTALLY didn’t realize that almost 1/4-1/3 of the bag was eaten.

Now, here’s where I feel even worse: I didn’t say anything to them. Ugh. It’s been eating me alive and I feel so bad about it. On the other hand, it might NOT have been theirs and they may have done the same thing we did and saw a lone bag of cotton candy and eaten it. But I should have said something. And I didn’t. The good, honest, loving on people, can’t lie to anyone Christian in me has felt so bad about this silly thing ever since then. So the only thing I can do is publicly confess it to my blog readers.

And if you’re reading this and you were at the Durham Bulls game last night sitting in section 124 with a half-eaten bag of cotton candy, I want to say: I AM SORRY. I am so sorry. I know it’s silly, but I’m sorry. Send me a message, tell me what you were wearing (you know, so I know it’s you), and I will personally, send you TWO baseball game’s worth of cotton candy. I’ll even deliver it to your home, personally.

Phew Okay. Sorry, I had to get that off my chest first. Do you guys forgive me? Have you ever done anything silly like that but felt totally bad about it? Have you ever needed to just confess something? Share it below. I won’t judge you. I promise.


Okay, now on to the 52 in 52. Husband and I have finally discovered the TRUE beauty of 52 in 52. We’re going to a fancy dinner tonight at a place we’ve never been, but we hadn’t been on a date in over a week and I needed a restaurant for this week’s 52 in 52.

Sure, it may sound a bit superficial, but we’ve promised ourselves we would eat at 52 different restaurants in 52 weeks. Along the way, remembering to date each other AND trying new places in North Carolina.

So often I hear about married couples NOT dating. So, it’s important for us to keep each other a priority and DATE each other. YEAH! For fun!

Anywho. Well, the place we wanted to go this week ended up being closed, so we were sort of scrambling to figure out where we’d eat for dinner – especially since we’ve been to pretty much every restaurant in Hillsborough and Chapel Hill.

So we decided to drive around a find a place. We were determined. We drove up and down highway 70 and then BAM. Found an unsuspecting shopping center and a little Italian place called “Vinny’s”. We looked at each other, acknowledged that we’d both never been there and BOOM. Dinner was settled.

Vinny’s Italian Grill | 133 North Scotswood Boulevard Hillsborough, NC 27278 | (919) 732-9219

Now, it turns out Vinny’s is, in fact, a franchise-type place. But it didn’t feel like it when we went there. It felt like a little small town, down home Italian place. I found out it was a chain after the fact. Oh wells. It’s cool. It’s still a franchise in Hillsborough. We’re still supporting the little guy!

[cheese-tastic, I am].

[first win for Vinny’s? FREE TEXAS TOAST GARLIC BREAD!]

[husband and I are extremely fancy eaters. We got the finest Mozzerella Sticks this side of the Mississippi for our appetizer. NOMNOMNOMNOM].

[husband ordered the Sausage-Ravioli-something-Americana. he liked it, didn’t love it. I took a bite, it was DELISH].

[I got the chicken and vodka cream sauce something pasta. nomnomnomnom. SO good. I had leftovers for lunch on Thursday and it was STILL good].

So, yeah. I’d say, all in all, it was a successful date night and a successful 52 in 52! We’ll DEFINITELY be going back to Vinny’s!

Overall Stillman Grade: 3 out of 5 Stillman Stars.

Where are you eating this week? Do you date your spouse / boyfriend / girlfriend often? Girls nights? Guys nights? I’d love to hear your ideas!

xoxo, all for now.