Molly’s Top [5] + Weekly Round Up

May 19, 2012·

photo below taken by me for emily + dustin’s impromptu maternity portraits

You guys, I like to give love where love is due. And often where it isn’t necessarily due, but just cause I want to. Or something. 

I’ve been learning a lot in the last few months as I’ve ventured into married life, as I’ve been exploring my creative juices more, as I’ve begun to harness my passions. But that post delving more into those musings is for another day.

With that being said, I’ve really been loving the community feel lately online. So, I’ve decided my Saturday weekly round ups will also feature my Top 5 posts from the week that I’ve read / seen across the web! Who knows? Maybe you’ll be featured! Maybe you’ll be in a Top 5, soon! 🙂 I just thought it’d be fun.

  1. Marion over at Marionberry Style had an UH-MAZE-ING outfit on Thursday – pastels & lace. I. AM. A. FAN. So cute. And seriously, I love this girl’s blog.
  2. I love photography and I have a passion for it. I’m not a photographer, but I just love to follow my favorite photographers as they capture all things beautiful. Abby Grace of Abby Grace Photography has been playing around with FILM lately and her photos have been amazing. I love this post she did on Tuesday about Film and what she’s learning. And her images are GORGEOUS.
  3. I love New York City. I’ve really become a Southern girl at heart, but I love New York City. And my girl Clare at Clarabelle did an AWESOME post about how to visit New York. (You know, she lives there, so she knows).
  4. If you haven’t checked out Bonnie at Mini Me Style, you’re missing out. I love this girl. She’s funny, she’s nice, and she’s got GREAT style. She posted an outfit on Tuesday that was nautical inspired and she wore a BACKWARDS CARDIGAN. WHAT?! I loved it. So so so awesome. It looked so cute and I would have never thought to do that. Check it out.
  5. Jess at Makeunder My Life is freaking awesome. She’s a great businesswoman who started a movement called Things I’m Afraid to Tell You. She posted another installment this week and I’m continually wowed by her!

Phew. Okay. Now onto the Round Up:

still being [molly] posts:

rAVe [Publications] posts (aka: what I’m doing at work all day!):

What did I miss this week? Anything you’re proud of? Share a link below! 

xoxo, all for now.