My Attempt at Fashion: Lime Jeans THREE WAYS!

May 23, 2012·

You guys, holy whoaly moly. I had NO idea I’d get the kind of response that I got from yesterday’s post. I got SO many comments on my blog post, messages, emails, Facebook, text messages, etc. Seriously. I was CRAZY humbled by the response from yesterday’s post. If you haven’t read it yet, you can check it out here. I’d love to hear your thoughts. And I’d love to encourage you. In some way or another.

In any event, today’s post is all about LIME JEANS.

Erry’one and their uncle is wearing colored jeans this season. I’ve had a REALLY hard time finding colored jeans in my size – because apparently ALL colored jeans fit like a second skin. Or something. But seriously. I’m STILL on a hunt for RED and COBALT jeans that fit me. But I was in Target last month and found these LIME jeans that were WAY bigger than my normal size, so I tried them on and I loved them!

Now, I usually wear a 10/12 and these are a 15 in Target pants if that gives you ANY idea of how they fit. They’re $22.99 regularly priced but I had a Mossimo clothing coupon and got them for $17.50! I was pretty pumped.

SO yeah, I’ve fallen in love with my LIME jeans and wish I could find the same fit in RED and COBALT. I’m trying. Also, I want pink. Heck, I want a rainbow of colors. I had to just ignore the size tag and realize not all jeans fit the same. It goes back to what I was talking about yesterday. Ignore the number. Wear what FITS you, not what you think SHOULD fit you.

SO, here are my LIME jeans worn three ways!


[i’ve had that flower clip forever and threw it on my denim jacket today and LOVED it!]

Outfit Number ONE deets:

  • Shirt: Walmart
  • Jeans: Target
  • Flats: Fab’rik ($10!)
  • Jean Jacket: LOFT (really old)
  • Flower clip: Craft show
  • Necklace: Tiffany’s (gift from hubs on our wedding day)

[OUTFIT TWO: With Fuschia!]

Outfit Number TWO Deets:

  • Shirt: Belk
  • Jeans: Target
  • Necklace: Kohl’s
  • Heels: Lilly Pulitzer

[OUTFIT THREE: Casual, comfy, weekend outfit!]

Outfit Deets:

  • Shirt: Kohl’s
  • Jeans: Target
  • Necklace: I made it
  • Bangles: Jewelmint
  • Flip Flops: Rainbow

Anyway! I hope you like the looks. Do you have colored jeans? Do you have LIME jeans? Did you see yesterday’s post? Thank you all, again, for being so awesome.

Oh, and I’M SEEING DAVE MATTHEWS BAND TONIGHT. Holy moly! You can BET YOUR BOOTS I’m gonna share all about it. YESSSSSSSSSSS. DAVE!!!!!!


xoxox, all for now.

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