1. so fun!! love the teal especially with those boots!! LOVE the back of that dress!! and I have the dress your friend is wearing too.

  2. WINNING, Molly! WINNING. This outfit is so stunning and cute and versatile and perfect. And those boots are TO.DIE.FOR. I don’t own cowboy boots. This is a travesty. Road trip? Um.. post-baby cankles, of course.

    My concert go-to is a maxi dress or a maxi skirt and tank. I, too, like to dance, but hate my legs, so I have to cover them while being easy breezy. Plus, if for some insane reason, I must sit down, if my legs are hot, I can hike the dress up to cool off a little. And always, always sandals. I’ve made the jeans mistake a few times. Heavy. Hot. Sweaty. Gross.

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