Friday High Fives!

May 25, 2012·

You guys, how is it Friday again? The weeks have been going by crazy fast.

Couple things to start off – I have been doing some blog re-organizing (I’m a little OCD… haha!) so you may notice some new tabs up there! I have one with all of my outfits, recipes, DIY projects, and I even have started sharing SOME of our wedding photos. 🙂 And I, of course, added icons and links to all my social networks and whatnot to the right. So you can check out what I’m doing around the web over there… if you so desire. 🙂

Now, you may recognize some of the photos below if you follow me on Instagram… but that’s cool, right?


[1. Highlight of the week: DAVE MATTHEWS. I know. I’ve talked it to death. It’s cool. I’ll stop soon. But it was also a highlight cause I got to spend time with my dear sister in Christ (and Kenya cohort!) Diana!]

[2. I love drinking water out of Mason Jars before bed. I really should take them downstairs when I’m done.]

[3. Jillian Michaels: the woman I love to hate. I’m giving this a shot. I’m a week in. We’ll see how I am in 30 days.]

[4. This photo. hahahahaha this cracks me up. There I am. Creeping in my husband’s sunglasses at our church’s potluck last weekend.]

[5. 50% off $4.77? YES PLEASE. So I made a run by the Tanger Outlets this evening cause JCrew Factory is having a major sale on their shorts and so I wanted to pick up a pair while I can snag ’em for a good deal. And I strolled on in to the LOFT outlet and they had a whole rack of shirts for $4.77. AND they were doing an extra 50% off clearance items. WHAT?! Bananas. This shirt was like $2.67. It coulda been hideous and I probably STILL woulda bought it. BUT, it’s actually really cute. So, I call that a WIN WIN!]

[BONUS: I know some of you know that I post twice on Friday’s and my afternoon post is usually a restaurant review for our 52 in 52 project. Well, today’s review is a review of a fancy restaurant – so I thought I’d include some “DATE NIGHT WEAR” in it too. SO, I thought sharing a little TEASER of my Date Night outfit could be fun. :)] Check back this afternoon for the post! :)]

What are YOU high fiving today? Tell me some highlights of your week!

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xoxo, all for now.