Date Night Fashion + 52 in 52: The Angus Barn [@AngusBarn]

May 25, 2012·

You guys, as much as I love jeans and a comfy t-shirt, the estrogen within me loves getting fanci-fied for a date night. I mean, deep down, what girl doesn’t love feeling pretty????

Husband and I had the opportunity to go with some people from his work to The Angus Barn in Raleigh last week and we were SO excited because we’ve heard such good things about the Angus Barn AND neither of us had ever been there.

The Angus Barn is a really well known steakhouse and institution in the Triangle (aka: the area of North Carolina where we live). So it made the PERFECT 52 in 52 restaurant.

[For new readers of the blog52 in 52 is a post/series I, well, post on Friday afternoons reviewing a local / regional restaurant where my husband and I recently dined. The stipulations are that either ONE of us or, preferably, BOTH of us have never eaten at that establishment. Oh and the goal is 52 DIFFERENT places in 52 weeks (i.e. our first year of marriage). We also try to avoid “chain” restaurants. There are SO many locally owned restaurants in our area that we want to give them the props. Word.]

FIRST. The Date Night Outfit.

Forgive the faint blurriness… it was dusk, the sun was setting, husband was the photographer. I like to think that he had shaky hands cause he just couldn’t handle how awesome I looked. hahahahah JUST KIDDING. Jokes people, jokes.

I like to think that I am all class. I wear my jean jacket to fancy situations to keep it real. I mean heck, I wore it for part of my wedding. IDOWHATIWANT!


closeup of my Jewelmint earrings.

outside the Angus Barn. this is husband’s fancy attire. i like him like this. i mean, again, he wore jeans in our wedding. although he is wearing his “preacher” boots. those are his NICE cowboy boots!

Outfit Deets:

  • Dress: White House / Black Market (circa 2006/2007)
  • Belt: Target (old)
  • Shoes: Target (on sale for $8!)
  • Jean Jacket: LOFT (old)
  • Earrings: Jewelmint

What do YOU like to wear out on Date Nights?

OKAY NOW, On to…

THE ANGUS BARN. | 9401 Glenwood Avenue | Raleigh, NC 27617 | (919) 787-3505

Website | Twitter | Facebook

This is the Angus Barn. Again, it was dark out so the photo is terrible quality, but I hope you can forgive me. Recently the Angus Barn made national news cause a waiter got fired from there after tweeting a picture of a receipt with a $200 tip that Peyton Manning left him. You can bet that that was the FIRST thing my husband asked our waiter, “What happened to the guy that tweeted Peyton’s receipt?” Love it.

Love the rustic feel of the Barn.

So, we were very fancy and ate in the Wine Cellar. We had to walk THROUGH the kitchen, past the Chef’s Table (so cool!) and down the stairs into the VERY chilly wine cellar. It was so medieval looking down there… big long table, big huge chairs, old art, and tall candelabras. Needless to say it was VERY dark down there so again, poor quality photos. UGH. I need a better camera, stat.

OH, and you know the place is classy cause they came around and offered the ladies a SHAWL. WHAAAT?! Awesome.

I tried to lighten this photo as much as I could so you could get a picture of the wine cellar room. Very fancy. Very private. I loved it.

This is John’s coworker Brittany… she got a shawl, too.

You know, standard menu shot.

See that Pimento Cheese Stuffed Aged Filet Mignon? Yeah, I got that.

Bleu cheese salad!

My steak. Now it came WAY undercooked (I like my steak a solid medium and it was more on the rare to medium rare side.) I usually HATE sending things back, but I knew I wouldn’t eat it if it was undercooked, so I sent it back and they were SUPER apologetic about the steak not being done right.

Oh, and a hilarious side note, the waiter called me “SIR” – WHAT? He apologized, but I laughed. hahaha.

Once the steak came back cooked medium, I dug in. OH MAN. It was so good. I love Pimento Cheese and I love Filet Mignon, so you can bet that I was a happy woman. I didn’t LOVE the veggies – they weren’t the best, but I did LOVE the potatoes au gratin.

Even though I did NOT have room for it in my belly, this Sawdust Pie was delicious!

SO yeah, overall I thought it was a great experience. It’s definitely not a place that I think husband and I could justify going to on our own dime very often as it cost many, many dimes, but for a special occasion it’s definitely worth it. I also think a large part about The Angus Barn is the atmosphere. It’s an old restaurant, it’s been around for 50+ years, and it’s got that rustic feel to it that people love in a good steakhouse.

Also, the service is really amazing. They are quick to offer advice, get you what you need, and make you feel taken care of.

Overall Stillman Grade: 4 out of 5 Stillman Stars.

Have you ever been to The Angus Barn? Any restaurants we should check out soon? What are you doing this weekend?

xoxo, all for now.