FASHION: The Concert Graphic Tee, Molly’s Top 5 + Weekly Round Up

May 26, 2012·

Outfit Deets:

  • Concert Graphic Tee: Dave Matthews Band Show (Charlotte, 2012)
  • Yellow Tank: Wal-mart ($4)
  • Shorts: JCrew 5″ Chino in Shadow
  • Necklace: Walmart (clearance jewelry section!)
  • Sunnies: Dollar Store (heck. yes. i always lose or break my sunglasses so i refuse to pay more than $3 for a pair)
  • Flip Flops: Black Rainbows (really old)

You guys, it’s been a GREAT week.

First, a note about today’s CASUAL Saturday fashion statement: When I go to a concert and I always want to get a shirt. But I guess about 6 or 7 years ago, I stopped getting concert shirts. Why? Cause they’re crazy expensive and I NEVER wore them. Never. I would get a cool concert tee and then NEVER wear it. That’s a waste of money in my book.

Now, I’ve been to a BUNCH of Dave shows and never gotten a concert tee. I knew that I wanted to get one this time, but I wanted to be strategic. I wanted to get a concert tee I would ACTUALLY wear. So I stood in line at the merch booth and BAM I laid my eyes on this graphic long-sleeve, slouchy tee and knew that was it.

Sure, it doesn’t have the tour dates on the back. OH WELL. I will wear this one. It’s SO comfortable and I love it. But it’s actually a fun, fashionable, meaningful concert tee I will wear. So, while running errands, I wanted to be comfy, so I paired it with my favorite chino shorts, yellow tank (you know, to pull out the yellow in the bird on the tee), and my favorite pair of rainbows. Add a fun necklace and you’re good to go for Saturday or weekend errands.

I almost feel hipster-y. OHNOES. Oh well. I’m okay with it, I think.

What do you think? Do you get t-shirts at concerts? How many concert tees do you have that you never wear?

Now on to Molly’s Top 5 Reads this Week:

  1. My homegirl, Katie Nesbitt, of Katie Nesbitt Photography announced this week she’s going FULL TIME in June! I am so happy to see her pursuing her love of photography full time. That’s awesome. If you live in the Newport News, VA / Hampton Roads area, you gotta check her out! She posted this AMAZING and SUPER FUN engagement session at BUSCH GARDENS this week. I love, love, loved it! LINK.
  2. Katie, over at …For Lauren and Lauren, posted a great look this week and a little story about “Dressing Your Age.” I loved it because I could SO identify with the plight of always looking young. I used to teach high school and I’d get asked for a hall pass all the time. Tragic. LINK.
  3. Katelyn James, my amazing wedding photographer, posted an engagement session earlier this week that I am in LOVE with. The woman has the most AMAZING Lilly Pulitzer dresses – I fell in LOVE with that session. If you love pretty pictures and some amazing Lilly dresses, you need to check it out. LINK.
  4. Elise, over at Among the Hills, posted a great entry this week about Learning to rest… Man, I needed that reminder. Sometimes we’re all go! go! go! and we never sit down to just REST. and breathe. LINK.
  5. Oh man! Yi-chia over at Always Maylee posted an ADORABLE look with a pink JCrew link necklace (that I have, too!) and a really sweet blue and green dress. I loved the pulled together, relaxed, chic look of it. LINK.

What did I miss? Any links or reads this week that you loved?

Now on to Molly’s Weekly Round Up:

still being [molly] posts:

rAVe [Publications] posts (aka: what i’m writing at work):

PHEW. Now, what are you up to this Memorial Day weekend??

xoxo, all for now.