FASHION-SPIRATION: Purple and Orange

May 29, 2012·
INSPIRATION: Christine from Hello Fashion (left) - ME! (right)

You guys, contrary to what you may think from the photo above, I am not a Clemson fan. I don’t hate Clemson, I just wouldn’t call myself a “fan.”

NOW, on to the topic at hand: I definitely am not one to be a “fashion copycat” – not that I think being a “fashion copycat” is bad, at all, but I like to think that I have my own style. I like to look at trends, styles, fashions and see how I can make them my own – you know, put my own twist on things. In the hopes that I, in turn, can inspire someone else to take that same style I wore and make it their own. 

‘naw mean?

BUT, one thing I have loved doing is looking at what some of my favorite fashion bloggers or other style inspirations are doing – colors they’re putting together, fabrics, patterns, cuts, etc.

Well, Christine Andrew over at Hello Fashion is definitely one of those women. I LOVE her style. It’s so simple, yet feminine, classic, and FUN. And I LOVE the way she uses color in her looks.

I saw this outfit she put together earlier this month, immediately pinned it, and then waited for the day when I could figure out a way to make it my own.

So, here’s my recreation of Christine’s look (pictured above). What do you think?

I loved the purple and orange in the look, so I pretty much kept that the same. I didn’t have an orange necklace, but I loved that my bag had purple, orange, and TEAL in it, so I pulled the teal out of the bag and popped on my teal bubble necklace.

I also kept the nude / blush flats the same as in Christine’s photo – when you’re wearing that many colors, you wanna keep your footwear neutral as the attention should NOT be on your shoes.

I also LOVE my Jean Jacket. If you’ve followed my blog for awhile, you’re aware of this fact. I’ve had this jean jacket for close to 10 years and I STILL wear it all the time. I love how it can tone down an outfit. Now, I didn’t wear it much that day because it is getting HOT in North Carolina, but I wanted you to at least see how much I love the way it can tone down the outfit.

Outfit Deets:

So yeah, what do you think? How would you wear this? How would YOU make it your own? Where do you look for inspiration?

xoxo, all for now.