YELLOW! It’s a trend… of the month. #Fashion

May 30, 2012·

You guys, I am gonna be real with you for a second. I have a lot of fun with the creativity associated with putting together an “outfit” or whatever you wanna call it. But I do NOT love taking pictures of myself and I do not love when I awkwardly think my neighbors think I’m nuts for taking these photos in our driveway.

No matter how many ways from Sunday I try to play it off, it just looks weird.

So, can we all just own it?

I now have started waving to my neighbors as I take my photos. At least that way they think I’m a friendly and neighborly nutcase.

Moving on to the TREND OF THE MONTH CHALLENGE. I love Marion over at Marionberry Style. She’s pretty darn awesome. She’s hilarious, she is a teacher, and she’s got way better style than me. Also, her teaching stories are so funny.

Well, each month Marion hosts a “Trend of the Month Challenge” – where you get a, well, trend, for that month, to create an outfit or look with, and then you link up on her blog.

Anyway, this month’s trend is YELLOW. You know, simple as that. The color YELLOW.

SO, I put together a little diddy yesterday with some YELLOW in it.

Ya heard?

the look you see before you below is my, “Oh what’s that over there?” pose. again, avoiding the looks from neighbors. BAHAHA.

standard thumbs up for yellow trends.

The Outfit Deets:

SO, are you a fan of yellow? What are you doing on this fine Wednesday?

In addition to linking up with Marion, I’m also linking up with Rolled Up Pretty, The Pleated Poppy, Two Thirty-Five Designs, and A Little Bit of Lacquer today!

oxox, all for now!