Friday High Five For a BEDROOM MAKEOVER!

June 1, 2012·

You guys, this week I’ve been all sorts of outta whack and frankly, I’m switching things up. Why? Cause I don’t conform. Or something. Or really cause I blog about what I want to blog about when I want to blog about it.

And, well, today’s Friday. And I’ve had a, you could say, a rough week, and today I’m celebrating the fact that it’s FRIDAY.

So, along those lines, I wanted to finally share some photos of our BEDROOM!

So, instead of my usual Friday High Fives post that I usually do, I’m doing a whole bunch of HIGH FIVES FOR (almost) FINISHED BEDROOMS!

I‘m still linking up with Lauren over at From My Grey Desk, because she is pretty dang awesome.

FINALLY our bedroom is at a place where I feel like it’s ALMOST done. Still some little things here or there to really iron out and make nicer, but we are LOVING it. Hubs bought this house almost three years ago, and until February of this year, it was definitely a bachelor pad. And so when I moved in, he was adamant about us making it OUR home and, you know, de-bachelorizing it.

Now, the room that WAS his room is now our guest room and the room that his roommate lived in before we got married is now our room.

But you see, that room had a horrible poo-brown paint color and AWFUL navy blue carpet. YUCK. So, before the wedding, John worked so hard painting the room and replacing the carpet and surprised me the day after our wedding with the results. Then, when we got back from the honeymoon, I got to WORK ON THE DECORATING! YAY!!

Enough of my rambling. Here are some photos of our room! The before photos were taken by hubs on his iPhone – so unfortunately, they don’t give a GREAT picture of what the room looked like before, but hopefully you get the idea.

We live in a little Cape Cod home, so we have slanted ceilings in our room which can make arranging furniture a challenge. Also, it is HOT in the summer upstairs. So we have to have window AC unit to cool it down. Oh wells.

BEDROOM BEFORE. I don’t know if you can tell, but that paint color and that CARPET is horrendous. YIKES.

BEFORE. Ugh. Worst carpet color ever.

BEFORE.  Seriously, the photos don’t do the poo-brown color of that paint justice.

BEFORE: Closet Area

PROGRESS! Grey paint is done (you can’t tell via the picture, but the wall underneath the slanty ceiling is an accent wall, a darker shade of grey than the other walls. And this is also when the carpet was getting pulled up.

BEFORE: the window area. Grey paint. Carpet getting pulled up.
PROGRESS! New carpet!

AND BOOM! VOILA! Our ROOM! (That’s my dresser… can you tell?)
This is Hubs’ dresser – you know, with an engagement portrait canvas over it!

You know, a little “S” monogram action.
LOVE these. I’ve had these little sconces forever and I knew that RED was going to be the perfect accent color against all the black, white, and grey – and so I snagged these RED candles at the dollar store and I love the way they look!
OUR BED! 🙂 (Can you tell I like quatrefoils? Husband is so kind to let me continue to feed my love for quats)
I avoided getting this quat mirror for MONTHS. And then finally, I caved one day when it was back on the shelves at Target. I want like 10 more. I LOVE THIS MIRROR.

More engagement portraits on the walls of our bedroom. I love them so much they’re ALL OVER our house. 🙂
My side of the room!

My wedding hanger 🙂
You know, a monogram M.
My wedding garters
I have had this jewelry box my whole life. I love that picture of me and my mom.
My momma’s dogtags.
You know, a place to hang my necklaces! Got these little hooks for $6 at Target!

Our closet area. I finally hung those fun, swirly IKEA mirrors. ALL BY MYSELF! Husband was so proud. Especially since he had temporarily banned me from using the power drill. Too many WHOOPSIES….

And yeah, those are quatrefoil picture frames with photos from our honeymoon in them. I have a serious quat obsession.
For the curious: YES, I make the bed EVERY DAY. I feel anxious if I don’t make the bed. Seriously, it takes TWO seconds. Okay, more like thirty seconds, but seriously. It takes NO time to make the bed, and the room looks SO much more complete when the bed is made!

Yeah, yeah, yeah. That’s a quat on our bedspread. It’s totally fine.
More sconces
Wedding photos canvas above the bed 🙂
LOVE IT. It makes me so happy!!

So yeah. What do you think of our bedroom makeover? I’m high-fiving it all over the place. YAY!

What are YOU high-fiving today?

xoxo, all for now.

Yeah, there’s not going to be a 52 in 52 post today. Our “date night” was me making dinner at home this week. Sadly, life got in the way of going to a restaurant, but that’s okay. We will deal and be back to our regularly scheduled program next week.