Casual Saturday #Fashion, Molly’s Top 5, & Your Weekly Round Up

June 2, 2012·

You guys, this is my version of a white t-shirt and jeans on a Saturday. Confession: I’m not wearing this today, I wore it like two Saturdays ago. But you forgive me, right? Same concept.

I’m currently packing and getting ready to head up to the Fairfax County, Virginia area for the night / day for a funeral. The trip is bittersweet. It’s obviously not a happy reason to be returning to my hometown – funerals are never fun or easy – but I know that it’s just going to be a big celebration of our friend’s life.

But it’s also a little bit of a sweet trip in that this will be the first time my husband gets to see my hometown. He’s never been there. He’ll get to see the house I grew up in, my school, and we’ll even stop and pay a visit to the place where my mama is laid to rest. I never go back “home” anymore, because honestly, it’s not where “home” is for me – and hasn’t been for many years. But it’ll be nice to see it all again.

ANYWAY. Onto lighter notes.

Here’s your Weekend Casual outfit inspiration of the day:

Outfit Deets:

NOW, onto Molly’s TOP FIVE Reads from the week:

  1. Okay, so Bonnie over at Uncommon Designs shared this AMAZING post. Bonnie’s 13-year-old daughter created a “SUMMER BUCKET LIST” and can I just say, it is AMAZING. What an inspiring 13-year-old! Seriously. Check it out. It makes me want to make use of my summer… even though I don’t technically have a “summer” or whathaveyou. LINK HERE
  2. So, Anna K. is an ADORABLE photographer and I love her work. Well, she keeps getting better and better with every wedding she shoots! She posted this “cotton-filled wedding” this week and it is STUNNING. Seriously. So much eye-candy. LINK HERE
  3. Allison over at TwoThiryFive Designs posted the most adorable outfit yesterday (AND a Casual Friday Linkup!). She is really sweet and her blog is awesome. Check her out. LINK HERE
  4. Jessica over at Here(and)Now posted the most ADORABLE outfit and I’m kind of obsessed with her Cobalt Shorts. For reals. Check her out! LINK HERE
  5. And my girl, Bonnie over at MiniMeStyle posted the cutest pink, mint, and YELLOW outfit on Wednesday. I’m kind of crushing over it right now. For reals. LINK HERE


still being [molly] posts you may have missed:

rAVe Pubs blog posts (aka: what I’m doing at work):

Okay, that’s all for this Saturday’s round up and casual fashion and whatnot.

What did I miss this week? Share your favorite links below!

xoxo, all for now.