1. This is such a cute post…and an even cuter dress. Lace seems to be all the rage right now so I have to wonder why I still don’t own a lace dress!? I do own…well I am about to own that necklace though-I just ordered one in yellow and it should be here any day now. It looks so great on you that I think I may just order it in that color as well!


  2. Love that dress. Very pretty. I like how you mix and match it up & F.Y.I I can’t stop crying over you & your daddy photos. I love all of them. So special!!!


  3. Holy crudmoly!!! What a beautiful dress!? By the way, that first photo should be printed and framed. It is beautiful and totally artsy! I’ve been looking for a lace dress that will flatter my figure, but so far to no avail. PS: You have some rockin stems girl. Especially in the blue heels. Beautiful!!


  4. That lace dress is just gorgeous on you, Molly! I love how you styled it with the belt and statement necklace. I’m taking notes on the second look for my own lace dress (mine is blue). 🙂


  5. That is such a pretty lace dress. I love the necklace, too (I have one of my own)! I think I have an outfit similar to this one pinned on my Pinterest! I would love to find a lace dress like that!

  6. SO SO Pretty Molly! I Adore this lace dress with that necklace and those shoes. Let’s be honest, everything is just wonderful!!!!! You are stunning!


  7. LOVE this dress!!! I like both options but the blues really pop on the second outfit. I also like your “arty” photos. I’ve been feeling a little annoyed with my own photos lately so I like seeing your cute ones. 🙂

    1. thanks, emily! i guess technically it wasn’t a first attempt since i did wear it to my rehearsal dinner, but it was at least my attempt since then 🙂 hehehe you are awesome, girl!

  8. Molly, yet again, you nailed this one! That lace dress/JCrew pic that has been floating around Pinterest? I love the way you’ve done is SO MUCH MORE than the original pic! Lady, you look absolutely stunning. The dress paired with the blazer is pretty fabulous too.

    1. ah! bonnie! thank you SO much! you are so sweet. i think there’s a similar jcrew dress pin floating around pinterest – i think this one was from like Fred Flare… but i fell in LURVE as soon as i saw it! but seriously – thank you SO much, you are the best!!

  9. I so love that dress! You’ve got to tell me how I can get that necklace–was it super pricey?? I love the whole look, you are so adorable!

    1. thank you SO much, lindsay! that is SO sweet! now, the REAL thing is super pricey, but i got the ebay version for SUPERRRRR cheap! (only $7!!) i’ll email you a link 🙂

  10. Oh, I love it! I’ve been wanting a lace dress, but would also settle for a lace top. The way you styled it is perfect…I don’t think you can go wrong with cowboy boots 🙂 and I must admit, I love pulling out the dress I wore for my rehearsal dinner 2 years ago!

    1. thank you SO much, beth!! i want a lace top, and a lace skirt… and lace shorts! i love lace, i can’t help it. and yes! cowboy boots go with everything 🙂 🙂 you are AWESOME!

    1. thanks, annie!!! glad i can make someone laugh… that’s usually the goal 🙂 hahaha LOL if you can’t laugh at yourself then i worry about you 🙂 jk! but kinda not.

  11. I definitely LOVE that second outfit. The dress is adorable, but the second one with the teal necklace and blue shoes, definitely made me want one just like it! But only if you’re willing to ship me your accessories 😉

    1. thank you SO much, stephanie! i definitely lucked out on the fit… i get nervous sometimes ordering things online cause i’m afraid the size will be way off but it was great this time!

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