1. so cute! loving the one shoulder dress! and all those buttons down the back of the wedding dress… stunning!
    xo TJ

  2. Girl, I need that dress!! I love one shoulder anything!!! You looked so cute!! And that starfish in the bride’s hair is precious! The wedding looked perfect!!

  3. I agree going to weddings after your own is much more enjoyable. For years, I went to weddings with my note-taking hat on, thinking “when I get married I will/won’t do…” But now that I’m married, I can totally kick back and enjoy, ha! and I am still baffled that we don’t have one wedding to attend this year…oh well!

  4. the grandmother…hahahaha.

    that really is the perfect wedding dress. sometimes weddings are the hardest thing to dress for ever! i have a cute teal number i’m wearing to our next wedding in san fran…i think.

    1. I KNOW RIGHT? she is cracking me up in that picture!!! and i totally agree – weddings can be stressful to dress for, especially if you don’t know the moood / theme of the wedding!

  5. I was SO freakin’ excited for the first wedding we went to after ours – it was the best to just relax and not be worried about talking to 150 people! Love your dress Molly – that belt is the cutest 🙂

    The Other Side of Gray

  6. Gorgeous dress! It would look great at a nautical themed wedding this summer…wink wink! 😉

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