Guest Post: Marionberry Style – Trends in the Workplace

June 12, 2012·
You guys, I am still in Las Vegas for work, but am SO SO SO SO SO excited to welcome, MARION of Marionberry Style to the blog today! I am a huge fan of hers – she is HILARIOUS and has amazing style. So, give her some love, y’all.
Hi everyone!  My name is Marion and I publish a blog called Marionberry Style.  I was excited when Molly asked me to write a post for her while she was away since she is seriously one of the sweetest + funniest bloggers I read.  So thanks for having me, Molly!
The topic today
Trends in the Workplace:  How far is too far?  

I love my girl Penelope from Criminal Minds simply because she embraces her own personal style in the most fabulous way and truly “owns” it.  That said…there are a few guidelines a gal should follow when incorporating trends at work.
DON’T DO THIS:  Embrace a trend full-on in the workplace.
DO THIS:  Apply trends in a conservative, restrained manner.  Neon is a big trend right now, but consider a neon belt to liven up that pant suit as opposed to a neon dress.  Too much of a trend at work = you looking like a hot mess.  
Also, know that there are some trends that may not be suitable in any form given your work environment.  If your inner Paris Hilton just has to throw on some sparkly sequins and you’re a corporate attorney, expect to lose some potential clients.
DON’T DO THIS:  You see a trend that is super huge and “everybody is doing it” and you wear it despite not really feeling all that comfortable.
DO THIS:  Embrace only trends that speak to you.  If you aren’t comfortable, people will know.  I am still proud to this day that I abstained from jumping on the Hypercolor trend when I was younger.  Discolored armpits didn’t speak to me…even at 8 years old.
Two of my favorite summer trends that are FANTASTIC for work:
Keep your top and accessories somewhat neutral when wearing color on your lower half.


STYLE TIP: Polka dots are an easy way to add a feminine touch under a fitted blazer.
I hope you’ll come say hi sometime at Marionberry Style!  Thanks so much Molly for having me 🙂
XO – Marion
Thank you SO much, Marion! You guys, if you haven’t checked out Marion’s blog… you are SERIOUSLY missing out. Go. Now. Do it. Check her out. -xoxo, Molly