1. A) I love the outfit (I mean, really, what else is new?)
    B) The shoes finally went on sale at your Target! Yay!! I’m still waiting for them to come down more because I just bought pink wedges…fingers crossed!
    C) I adore you even more for the title of this post – I’m a former Pittsburgh resident and can appreciate the song reference!

    1. 1. thank you! 🙂
      2. I WAS SO EXCITED. i thought about you as soon as i saw them 🙂 🙂
      3. hahahaa i’m a cleveland browns fan so i was hesitant to allude to that song… boo steelers LOL

  2. Can I give myself a pat on the back for finding these on sale?? Lol. 🙂 They look great here! You definitely are giving a more casual outfit some ooomph with these shoes!

  3. first of all I love grey and yellow together. secondly those shoes are SWEET!!! I want them, especially because they were so cheap. I need to go to target! : )

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