1. Love this whole outfit – and look at you with your cute hair!!! I’m totally like you in that I never pay full price for something unless it’s really, really worth it – either I’m in super love or there is only one left and I’ll be bummed if I don’t get it. I often go on a “sale watch” and stalk something to see if it’s gone down, HA! And I also find what I deem to be a “deal” totally depends on what store I’m in.

    1. thank you SO much, jamie! that’s so sweet of you to say cute hair – i, ironically, did nothing to it but throw it up! LOL 🙂 so glad you’re a deal hunter, too!!

  2. Great deal! I am right there with you girl! 😉 I absolutely refuse to pay full price for anything. 😉 In fact, if it is over $10, I am not buying. 🙂

    Love the skirt – you look adorable in it! 😉

  3. I wish I had known….I bought the exact same skirt on Saturday for 19.50…tears! But it is so cute…thanks for the tip – I’ll be sure to use it next time!

  4. SAY WHAT?!!? An Old Navy App? That’s genius! Downloading immediately so I can “snap” my way to a deal! Great job on finding another steal on clothes 🙂

  5. Girl! You look ready to go to a Clemson game 😉 GO TIGERS! So I am saying you look fabulous in your orange and purple.

    Also, the Green Mile was my first rated R movie that I saw with my parents at home. Really awesome movie.

  6. I have that skirt!!! I got the red one last week and the light blue one a few weeks back (both for $15 though). They are super comfy and I get tons of compliments on em. 🙂 Great minds Molly… great minds.

  7. Gah!!! I had no idea there was an old navy app! I’m going to have to download it right away! I had the Target app but I wasn’t really using it for anything…I need to be more proactive with coupons/couponing…esp for things I really want…like clothes haha.

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