My friends are on America’s Got Talent! TONIGHT!

July 2, 2012·

You guys, if you’re here for #YOLOMONDAYS, you’ll need to go back a post. Or you can just click right here.

This is totally a shameless plug for my amazing friends who are going to be on America’s Got Talent tonight!

My BFF Dani and her husband own “King BMX Stunt Show.” You may have saw I mentioned this last Friday…

below: my sister, me, and dani after they helped me pick out my wedding dress!

Well, Keith King (Dani’s husband) and the team from King BMX Stunt Show are competing on NBC’s hit show America’s Got Talent under the name “American BMX Stunt Team!”

They auditioned in Tampa, made it the the next round in Vegas, and have now been sent to the LIVE! shows in New York City!! BUT they need OUR votes to make it closer to the $1M grand prize plus a show in Las Vegas, y’all. WHAAAT? I know. I’m excited for them.

WELL. TONIGHT, yeah, TONIGHT – that’s Monday, July 2nd, at 8:30pm EST on NBC, America’s Got Talent will air LIVE and the American BMX Stunt Team will perform!

So yeah, this is your chance to see my friend Keith King & his “posse” of 10 professional BMX, inline skate, and scooter athletes perform. Then, you can VOTE at the end of the show.

below: dani and keith at our wedding. seriously, how adorable are they? (photo by Katelyn James photography)

I’m also totally going to be watching for Dani in the audience. LOL 🙂 I’m that girl.

Okay, so you can check out the videos from their Tampa & Vegas performances:

Or you can watch a sweet video of them as King BMX Stunt Show at an Atlanta Falcons halftime show. 🙂

Yeah, so, excuse the shameless plug for my friends. I just love them so much and they have the BIGGEST hearts in the whole wide world and they are SUCH amazing people and I truly believe they deserve these blessings more than anyone I know. Seriously. These people? They’re the good guys. Good people. Good times.

Yeah, so. Tonight. 8:30pm EST. NBC. American BMX Stunt Team.

Thanks for humoring me, guys!

</end shameless plug>

all for now.