The engagement picture outfit decision.

July 3, 2012·

You guys, you’re probably thinking, “Uhh, Molly, you’re already married. Why are you talking about engagement picture outfits?” True. I am married. But there was a time not too long ago that we were engaged and about to get engagement pictures taken.

You guys, our wedding photographer is amazing (seriously, if you haven’t checked out Katelyn James Photography before, you are SERIOUSLY missing out). And I knew these pictures would be on her blog and lots of people would see them. I mean, I was a Katelyn James blog stalker for YEARS before I got engaged. So, I knew her brides were FABULOUS and fashionable. BUT, more importantly, these were the first real portraits I was going to have with my soon-to-be husband and I needed my outfit(s) to be PERFECT.

I was stressing. Seriously. It was bad. I couldn’t sleep the night before. I felt like it was the night before school pictures or something. But even MORE important. And since I was living alone in my apartment, I had no one to tell me if the outfits were cute or if they would work or not.

I wanted to look like ME. SO, I took so many phone pictures and texted them to my friends and got feedback that way. LOL. Ahhh good times.

BTW: My friend Katie even shared her tips on what to wear for a portrait session… I wish I’d had that before our pictures!

Anyway, I thought I’d share with you guys the photos I took and the outfits I considered and then I figured I’d share a couple pictures showing off the looks I actually wore. If you want, you can check out more of our pictures on our photographers blog by clicking here.

Please excuse the mess in these pictures. These were taken in my old apartment during the midst of cleaning out my apartment, so yeah, it was not in it’s peak condition.

option one: (i later came to learn that my husband hates doesn’t like this dress… so needless to say i didn’t wear it)

option two:

option three:

option four:

option five:

option six (without jean jacket):

option six (with jean jacket):

And here’s one of our engagement pictures. I went with outfit six! 🙂 My favorite. I love this outfit. I felt confident and I loved that hubs and I weren’t matchy-matchy… we coordinated.

[Outfit deets: Shirt: Ralph Lauren, Skirt: JCrew, Jacket: LOFT, Boots: Cervone]

And then, because hubs and I are rather spirited, we took a few pictures in Kenan Stadium on the UNC Chapel Hill campus.

[Outfit Deets: Shirt: college shirts :), Jeans: JCrew, Boots: DSW (really old)]

And then this was our last look. I ended up really loving this outfit and this picture below is one of my favorites. I actually have a giant canvas of this picture on our wall in our living room. It’s husband’s favorite picture of us. I don’t know why I love it so much, but I do!

Plus, I think my husband looks so darn handsome in this picture!!

[Outfit Deets: Shirt: Target (Merona), Jeans: Jcrew, Boots: DSW (old), Necklace and earrings: Kazuri Beads (Kenya)]

So yeah, those were our engagement pictures. I LOVED them so much – I mean, I have them ALL over our house. 🙂

Again, if you want to see more, you can check out our blog post on our photographer’s website by clicking here.

Have you ever had portrait-outfit-anxiety like I did? Have you had any fancy pictures taken lately? Share a link below! I’d love to picture-stalk you! 🙂 jk. but seriously.

Happy Tuesday!

all for now.