Friday High Fives! + Insta-Friday

July 6, 2012·

You guys! Happy Friday! How happy are you that it’s Friday? I’m pretty darn happy. It felt weird having a random day off in the middle of the week, but hey, it’s cool.

Here are a few highlights from the week🙁if you follow me on Instagram you may have seen these already…)

1. I had lunch with my sister and my nephew on Tuesday! I’m so blessed to only live about 40-50 minutes away from my sister, B-I-L, and adorable nephew. So we met for lunch on Tuesday and I got to hang out with the booger nugget, as I so lovingly call him. He’s going to be TWO this month. GAH! He’s getting so biggers.

2. I restocked the “D.C. fridge” this week. Yes, I have an entire fridge just for my Diet Cokes. Does this mean I have a problem? Don’t answer that.

And don’t tell me “How bad Diet Coke is for me” and yadayadayada because I’ve heard it a million times. And hey, at least it’s just Diet Coke and not like… …uhhh something way worse.

3. One of my favorite nights with my husband… ever: Going to Waffle House at 1am on the Fourth of July.  We were literally in bed ready to go to sleep and neither one of us could sleep. We realized we hadn’t eaten dinner. And I jokingly said, “Man, I’m hungry. We should just go to Waffle House.” And husband looked at me, eyes HUGE and said, “Uhh YES. Let’s go to Waffle House!” And off we went. It was awesome.

I cherish nights like that because I know that’s not something we’ll always be able to do. But for now? I am thankful for nights when we can say, “YES! Let’s go to Waffle House” at 1am and laugh the whole way there and back.

Please excuse my appearance. It was 1am and I wasn’t exactly thinking of making myself presentable for the Hillsborough, North Carolina Waffle House.

This was the moon when we got home. HUGE. So gorgeous.

4. I made Red, White, and Blue cakes! I’m no professional baker like my sister, BUT, I did make these cakes and they were delicious! I was quite excited. 🙂

5. I got my bauble from Meghan for the Bauble Swap at Because Shanna Said So. It’s this beautiful horizontal cross necklace. I love it! So perfect. 🙂 Thanks, Meghan!

How was your week? Tell me a story in the comments.

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