1. The super sweet Asian lady, owner, is Mrs. Choi and she’s from Korea. I’ve helped her with their insurance for years and just adore her. Super nice family! I hope to visit their restaurant the next time I’m traveling out that way. Sounds yummy!

  2. I think places like that are so cute – you should start going there weekly. Love this series of yours – but what happens when you find places you really like?? you’re going to end up going out to eat every day! : )

  3. i’m all about that hashbrown on your plate. just give me like four of those.

    and a rec: last night ad and i went on a date to a restaurant in durham (to which we had a gift certificate…) and it was amazing. we were drooling all over ourselves. it’s called vin rouge. it’s not cheap. but if you ever want to splurge and if you like good french food…we highly recommend!

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