1. i’m so glad you got at least one picture in that outfit because it’s darn cute. i have a small phobia of whales. talk about irrational. anyways, saw that you were from hillsborough and i had to say holler. i live in durham and work in chapel hill. we’re practically neighbors. here’s to local nc bloggers! whoop!

    1. thanks, lacey!! hahah i love that you’re scared of whales. that’s an AWESOME fear! if that’s even possible… but i say it is!! and YES! NEIGHBORS! girl! i really wanna do a local blogger meetup!!!

  2. It’s too bad about the bees! This is a super cute look! I’m glad I popped over to your blog tonight. I was having withdrawals because I missed the last few posts! Linking up tomorrow!
    – Heather

  3. I happen to be abnormally afraid of beattles. Those little buggers have never done anything to me but I am so freaked out of them! But the fear that usually interrupts my outfit photos is people…even though I take my pictures on “the street” I’m pretty freaked out of people walking by!

    Pink Chai Style

  4. I was finally stung by a bee last year for first time ever. Oh boy it hurt! It was right before a triathlon I was doing and it affected my ability to bike. I get your fears sister! I’m totally afraid of big, hairy spiders and of snakes of any sort. Oh and put me outside camping I a think I hear a bear everyother second. SCARY!
    Carolyn http://sillyhappysweet.blogspot.com

  5. I get woozy when getting shots and straight up pass out getting blood drawn and yet…I have tattoos. I think they tickle or sting depending but for medical reasons needles take the breath out of me LOL. I’ll never forget going to donate for the first time and fainting on the gym floor.
    Love the pairing of polka dots and brights! Also, I don’t have a penny to donate right now (for your mission trip) but I’ll be praying for you guys. Missions are a beautiful thing. I went to Mexico and built houses and gave drama performances. Changed my life. I’m so glad you’re choosing to go back!

  6. We all have fears,and many of them can be irrational. Me? I hate having blood drawn. I cannot give blood. I’m ridiculously scared. Why? No idea. Not afraid of needles. Shots are not a problem. But taking blood? I pass out. Really easily. Fret not, it’s ok!!

    1. thanks, jenny!! oh man i hate spiders too!! i was actually outside this morning cleaning on our deck and two HUGE wolf spiders ran by me and i screamed. i think my husband thought someone died or something. LOL oh man. good times. hope you’re having a great weekend, jenny!!

  7. My 4 year old is terrified of bees as well. 🙂 I LOVE that top! Would look super cute with a brightly colored cardigan over the top as well!

    1. glad to know i’m not alone! 🙂 sadly most of the time the people i find out who are also scared of bees are the children and the elderly… hrm… haha 🙂 and thanks, lindsay!! hope you’re having a great weekend!!

  8. Aw!! My sister is also really scared of bees…she’s been scared of them since we were little! I’m really scared of heights, but I never was growing up. I just started having all these crazy dreams about being up high and tripping and not being able to stand up because I was too scared and then I started feeling that way irl. 🙁 sadness.

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