My biggest fear hindered my outfit photos & Your Weekly Round-up

July 7, 2012·

You guys, happy Saturday! Hope you’re doing something fun and relaxing during this beautiful weekend.

Here’s just a little fun Saturday fashion for you. This is the only picture I got of this outfit. Keep reading and I’ll tell you why.

polka dots + neon shorts - still being [molly] - north carolina fashion bloggerOutfit Deets:

So I wore this outfit one day last week and as I was going through the outfit-pic-routine… I snapped this first photo and boom. I looked down. And swirling around my feet were not one, not three, but five LARGE bees (which, by the way, were in open-toed sandals… my feet, not the bees).

Now I am DEATHLY afraid of bees. DEATHLY afraid. Like, I can’t even express how terrified I am of bees. I don’t know why. I know it’s totally irrational. But I would rather gargle bleach than get near a bee.

Okay, that’s an exaggeration. But seriously. I’m terrified.

SO, long story short, I snapped that one outfit photo (pictured above) and high-tailed it to the car and headed to work.

Yeah, so that happened. Do you have any serious fears? Are you deathly afraid of something totally irrational?

On to this weeks weekly round up!:

Have a great day, y’all!

all for now.