Sunday Set List

July 8, 2012·

You guys, I’m leading worship this morning for IMPACT! which is our church‘s middle school ministry.

A couple things I love about leading worship for the middle-schoolers?

  1. I get to jump around, yell, clap, dance, jig, dougie, hop, and sing at the top of my lungs because they’re middle-schoolers and they don’t care.
  2. I love getting the opportunity to show these kids that YES!, worship can (and should) be fun!
  3. I love watching the hilarious gender separation. Like, the girls are ALWAYS on the right side of the room and then there’s a two-foot gap and the boys are on the left side of the room. Ahh, awkward hormones.
  4. I love being able to share the Word with kids.

And I thought, for fun, I’d share today’s worship set list with you so you can “worship” along with us! …you know, if you so desire 🙂

 “Rise and Sing” – Fee (link)

“Take it All” – Hillsong United (link)

“Our God” – Chris Tomlin (link)

“Go” – Hillsong United (link)

Happy Sunday, y’all!
Do you have a favorite song? What are you singing / listening to today? Doesn’t have to be a worship song, either. Just share a song! 🙂
all for now.