Casual #YOLOMONDAYS Fashion & Sponsor for Kenya?

July 9, 2012·

You guys, I hope you had a great weekend. Mine was filled with relaxing with husband, movie watching, eating food, work, more relaxing, and church. Good times had by all.

Welcome to another AWESOME week of #YOLOMONDAYS, a link-up for anything and everything. WHY?! Cause #YOLO! I’m also SUPER PUMPED to announce that I have a CO-HOST for #YOLOMONDAYS! The inimitable Carly from Lipgloss and Crayons is my lovely and talented co-host for #YOLOMONDAYS so be sure to pay her a visit. 🙂 For info on the link-up… scroll down.

NOW, on to today’s post. No more dilly-dallying.

This is my idea of a casual Monday. I’m pretty lucky ’cause there’s no dress code at my job (you know, within reason… you shan’t be showing up in a bathing suit or something…) SO, that means I can go from casual to dressy to relaxed each day.

I love getting trendy, I love feeling “stylish,” but sometimes a white tee, some jeans, and my *new* favorite cowboy boots are just what a girl wants to wear.

I’ve had a couple days like that recently where I just wanna wear what’s comfortable. But it’s funny because I wore this to work last week thinking, “Oh, I’m just gonna throw on a tee and jeans” and I got like four compliments that day… including a major compliment from my husband. 🙂 Needless to say, he’s a fan of the white tee and jeans.

Outfit Deets:

  • White t-shirt:Wal-mart ($4)
  • Jeans: JCrew (old)
  • Boots: Shyanne Red Women’s Cowboy Boots c/o Boot Barn
  • Necklace: Old… no idea
  • Belt: American Eagle (really old)
  • Watch: Target
  • Bangles: JCrew, JewelMint
  • Sunnies: Target

Do you love a white tee and jeans? Do you have a dress code at work? What outfits “surprise” you when you wear them? i.e. you’re way fancier than you intended… or something.

Sponsor the still being [molly] Blog for Kenya!

So, it honestly hasn’t been until recently that I’ve even considered or toyed around with the idea of having “sponsors” on the blog. I don’t know, it just felt weird to me, personally, at first.

I still don’t know if I’m sold on it. No pun intended. Partly cause for me, my blog is fun, It’s my release. It’s what I do as a creative outlet. I like to write, I like to share my life and my experiences with people, and I like to be real with people. For some reason, in my own mind, “sponsorships” aren’t something that go along with that.

But as I’ve grown and seen how sponsorships and partnerships can work, I’m warming up to the idea.

HOWEVER, because I’m weird and can’t do anything normal, I thought it might be another opportunity to help others and an opportunity for “serving.”

Most of y’all know my husband John and I are in the process of raising money for our mission trip to Kenya in September. Well, if you don’t wanna shop my closet or whatever, maybe you wanna SPONSOR the still being [molly] blog and 100% of the sponsorship will go to our newhope church missions team Kenya fund.

Are you interested? You wanna sponsor the still being [molly] blog? I’ve made it SUPER easy. Like, literally three total steps and BOOM I will put your button up on the blog for 30-90 days (depending on the level of support). Oh yeah, AND your sponsorship will be TAX-DEDUCTIBLE! Whoa! Yeah, Uncle Sam, FTW!

If you have questions, wanna know stats, questions about the Kenya trip, or you just wanna chit-chat over email, let me know. You can check out many of the details on my new “sponsor” page here. OR, you can just e-mail me! mollystillman [at] gmail [dot] com.

And I just want to thank the people who have supported so selflessly so far. You guys are seriously awesome. SO awesome. I can’t tell you how grateful I am.

Okay, enough of the serious talk. It’s TIME FOR #YOLOMONDAYS LINK-UP!

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  4. Have fun! Cause #YOLO!

**UPDATED 7/9/12 – the button code was broken but it is now fixed! Grab a button! 🙂

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