Sherbet + Mint Colorblocking!

July 10, 2012·

You guys, if you’ve been after this mint pleated skirt from Mod Cloth and saw that they were sold out a while ago… I apologize. It was my fault. I snatched up the last one.

Although, I think it’s back in stock now.

After I saw the fabulous Bonnie of Mini Me Style rock this skirt a couple times, I knew I needed it. I am not usually an impulse buyer or shopper – but it happened. Fast. I called it a “job well done, there’s a small surplus in this month’s budget, ergo, Molly needs this skirt” end of June purchase. Or something.

I am in lurve with this skirt. It’s the perfect material. It’s comfortable. It’s soft. It’s flowy. It’s a gorgeous color. IT DOESN’T WRINKLE!

READ: IT DOESN’T WRINKLE. My golly, I love things that don’t wrinkle cause when you sit all day like I do, clothes tend to wrinkle. And wrinkles are no bueno.

I also just love how feminine and fun it is. I feel like a lady in this skirt! You know, a REAL LADY!

Although, be careful, y’all… I would wear a slip with it… cause if/when the wind blows, you don’t wanna show your neighbors your under-gotchyas.

Standard thumbs up.

Outfit Deets:

  • Sherbet Shirt: Target
  • Mint Pleated Skirt: ModCloth
  • Bubble Necklace: JCrew via eBay via Hong Kong
  • Blush Flats: Fab’rik Chapel Hill (local boutique)
  • Gold Belt: Belk? Old…
  • Bangles: JewelMint

I love that this skirt is so versatile, too. I already have like four other colors I wanna pair with it. HUZZAH!!

Also, I’m not going to lie… when I type out the words: “Sherbet Shirt” – it makes me want to try and say them three times fast. It’s not easy. I tried it.

Sherbet shirt.

Sherbet shirt.

Sherbet shirt.

hahaha. oh man. that happened.

Do you have a skirt or a piece of clothing that you just LOVE?! Happy Tuesday, y’all!

Color Blocking: Everbody, Everywear

Linking up with Every Body, Every Wear today!

Also, today is my two-year date-iversary with my husband. Two years ago today I went to a Toby Keith concert with him and eight of his dude friends, ate too much Bojangles in a gravel parking lot, jammed to country music whilst awkwardly flirting and then, after the concert, he planted one on me while filling up the tank to his truck.

We are the ultimate in romance.

And the rest was history.

J, thanks for letting me tag along with you and your friends two years ago… even though the concert was my idea in the first place. 😉 Thank you for being an amazing husband, my best friend, and an even more incredible man of God. You make me laugh more than anyone I know, you challenge me to be a better person, and you treat me better than sometimes I feel like I deserve. I love you like Jesus does.

all for now.