What to Wear to a Backyard BBQ? Why, a dress, boots, & diamonds, of course!

July 11, 2012·

white summer dress, red Shyanne cowboy boots c/o Boot Barn, c/o Anjolee quad-block studsYou guys, I love a white dress and boots. For some reason this outfit makes me want to run through a field of sunflowers holding hands with my man whilst drinking lemonade from a Mason jar.

Right? Right.

But, in reality, there aren’t fields of sunflowers in Hillsborough, North Carolina. More like fields of dead grass and empty Bojangles cups. We gots lots of those.

white summer dress, red Shyanne cowboy boots c/o Boot Barn, c/o Anjolee quad-block studsI’m linking up with the adorable Sharon from The Tiny Heart today for What to Wear? and the theme is a Backyard BBQ. I can honestly tell you this is EXACTLY what I would wear to a BBQ. A light, flowy dress, and my fave Cowboy boots.

By the way, I’m still breaking these Shyanne boots c/o Boot Barn in… and oh my gosh I fall more in love with them every. single. day. GAH.

Also, NO, that is NOT a snake behind me. That happens to be our garden hose. You know, to water our already dying flora. I do not have a green thumb. For serial. All our plants are dying. I DO water them (with that hose you see there), but then they dry up… because it is TOO DADGUM HOT.

Moving on.

And then there are these earrings. I. Am. In. Lurve. When Marla from Anjolee contacted me and asked me to review a piece of jewelry,

1) I squealed (what girl doesn’t LOVE jewelry?),

2) I professionally responded with a Yes, why I’d love to!, and

3) I chose these quad-block diamond studs.

(Now, cause diamonds are pricey, I did receive them in high-quality CZ and silver, but the quality is honestly no different. They’re amazing!)

They remind me of quatrefoils! And you know how much I love quatrefoils…

I’ve seriously been wearing them EVERY DAY since I got them. I love them. And cause you can’t REALLY see them in the photo above, here are some closer photos I took of them:

Every time I come around your city, bling bling! The picture doesn’t really do the sparkles justice…

Outfit Deets:

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