Friday the 13th High Fives…? …and a proposal

July 13, 2012·

You guys, thank the good Lord it is Friday. It’s just been one of those weeks where I am glad that tomorrow is Saturday and I can spend my time sleeping and doing nothing. A whole lot of nothing. My sabbath, if you will.

Now, on to this week’s High Fives… except one of them isn’t really a high five… it’s more like a slap myself in the face… five. Also, you’re going to want to check out number 5. I promise.

1. I rearranged and cleaned and organized and re-color-coded my closet. This has been one of those things on my to-do list for awhile and I finally got it done. A video blog closet tour coming soon? I think so.

2. So, the senior pastor at our church is on a much-needed and well-deserved sabbatical for the summer and we’ve had some amazing guest pastors come in. Well, this past sunday, Pastor Ryan Brooks brought the house DOWN. Seriously. If you need an encouraging message, a pick me up, you want to feel challenged and empowered, or you just want to laugh like crazy… TRUST ME, you want to take 34 minutes and watch this sermon.

You. Will. NOT. Be. Disappointed. I’m not kidding. Watch it. If you have time in the next couple days, watch it.

3. I love our dogs. They are so dang cute and they do things like this and they sit by the back door and I just want to hug and kiss them. And they look so innocent… until…

4. I come home to this. I put the trashcans away, move the food off the counters, and close the doors to all the rooms in the house… but no, they have now turned to ripping open bags of precious, priceless VHS tapes and destroying them. You know, tapes of my chorus concerts and tapes of my mom on the History Channel. You know, those. Now, after proper assessment only one is TOTALLY destroyed, the rest are moderately damaged. Ugh. Needless to say, the dogs are in the dog house right now.

5. The proposal. Yes, I’m already married. But one year ago yesterday was the day my, now husband, proposed to me. And I never really did anything to share / archive the audio from our proposal. Well, I put this little diddy together that has the audio from our proposal along with a few photos. SO, I thought I’d share it with you!

You see, John and I met while working together at a radio station. And, well, it was only appropriate that he surprised me by proposing LIVE on the air. Well, the whole thing was recorded LIVE.

John, thank you for making me the happiest woman in the world by asking me that oh-so-important question a year ago.

Enjoy, y’all. 🙂

So yeah, that’s what I got going on this here Friday. What are you high fiving today?

all for now, y’all. – molly

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