1. This saved my day! I recently bought a black/red houndstooth peplum top from Forever 21 on an impulse. When I got home with it, I realized that my torso was much too long to pull it off. It had been hanging in my closet untouched for months until I decided to look to the internet to help me with my fashion disaster. I stumbled upon this blog, and I’m so excited because I tried it out with a tank top and jeans similar to yours, and it actually looks great!

    Sorry for the ramble, just very excited that I figured out how to wear it!

    1. no worries at all, lindsey! i’m so excited you found my blog and that you were able to get some ideas! I hope this helped and I can’t wait to hear how your attempt goes. i definitely had some major issues with it being short because of my long torso, but the tank top has saved me! now i love it!!!

  2. Ok, I seriouslyl one that top. It’s so chic AND it has stripes. Love love love it- you look great Molly!

    Lindsay @

  3. Lady friend, you are so darn cute in that (*peplum*) top! The chevron pattern is so flattering! I love hearing about new local/small shops… can’t wait to check out what she has! Also, look who Miss popular is… your #YOLO link up is so much fun and BLOWING up! congrats!

    1. aw thanks, jessica!! the stripes definitely are slimming in all the right places, i guess you could say 🙂 🙂 and wow thank you so much for the kind words. i just get excited if even one person links up! it’s so fun! i have met so many new bloggers this way. yay new friends! 🙂 🙂 xoxox

  4. just had to stop by and say that i am completely in love with that peplum chevron top. absolutely adorable!
    xo TJ

  5. Let’s be honest, Molly, we all know that I can never pass up a good pair of earrings.

    Plus, I need to desensitize my ears again. Did you know that in college I completely lost all feeling in my ear lobes from my large earrings and I could wear as big as I wanted without pain? Sadly, teaching four-year-olds did not mix with large earrings and my hiatus from them allowed ear feeling to return. le sigh. 😉

    Is this a sign of a problem?


  6. I haven’t actually ever seen a peplum styled top before that I liked and that I thought might be flattering on me. But I’m in LOVE with that top! Love, love love it! It looks so pretty on you, too. And that pink belt is adorable with it!

    Okay, if I added any more exclamation points in that paragraph, I’d sound like a 14-yr old girl. =)

  7. I, too, hate the word peplum. Unfortunately, it makes me think “pepto bismol.” Love the trend though!

    Congratulations on getting featured!

  8. This top is SO FREAKING CUTE on you! I really wasn’t into the peplum thing (I don’t like that word either!), but I could be sold on it with this outfit – you look seriously adorable, and that stripey pattern is so cute in the neutral colors. Love this whole look! 🙂

        1. amen! amen! i try to keep it as real as i can and i try to engage as best i can and keep things as positive as i can, but i’ll be honest – there’s nothing that really frustrates me more than me-monsters. 🙂

  9. Love the top! I bought one (a peplum top) also this weekend at f21. I laughed when you made the comment about disliking the words peplum and romper…peplum doesn’t bother me so much but I completely agree on the word romper. When I say that word, it just makes me think of something a 2-year-old would wear. Someone needs to come up with a better word for romper 🙂 Happy Monday

    1. thank you so much, alexia!! hahah a 2year old would absolutely wear a romper. LOVE it. let’s come up with a better word for romper… there’s gotta be one out there.

  10. I love peplum! I think it looks great on everyone. I just found your blog and it’s super cool. Following you now on bloglovin 🙂

  11. I need peplum in my life….like now! I love this top, it’s adorable on you. Seriously though, I must hunt down something peplum soon. I just visited the shop and love it, thank you for sharing this! I’d have to say my fav is the hello sailor short: http://www.penelopelaneclothing.com/collections/bottoms/products/hello-sailor-short-gray-and-white
    because it’s not something I would usually go for but I love a fashion challenge! I love anything nautical/high waisted. Also, CONGRATS on your wedding…that is amazing news. Can’t wait to go check it out!


  12. if i ever find a peplum romper, i just might have to buy it for you!! i love this top on you, and i love the pop of color with the belt. now i am off to check out your wedding!

  13. Molly – this store is AWESOME. And I want that top.

    Is it a local brick-and-mortar as well, or just online?

    1. she’s just online right now – she’s a mommy so she stays at home with her kids and runs her store online. she’s AWESOME! maybe one day it’ll get huge and become brick and mortar!

  14. Haha, I hate the word peplum too but I LOVE the way this looks on you. The pink belt is so cute with it.

    Congrats on having your wedding featured, that’s so exciting 🙂

  15. How excited to have your wedding featured! I went over & took a peek! You looked UHHHH-MAZING! Such a beautiful bride! I LOVED the hot pink boots, YOUR DRESS, the mason jars used on the invites, your cake, EVERY THING! It looks like you put together your dream wedding! Congrats, dear! 🙂

  16. Great feature of your wedding…so many great photos! and all the details…ahhh! Seriously, girl, you made everything look outstanding 🙂 I especially love the “sweet tea and other tea” label!!!

    As for Penelope Lane…my favorite is the With a Bow On Top!

  17. thanks for hosting YOLO! I love the peplum top in your post! one of my favorite things to do on tops/dresses is to replace the belt to make the look my own! also, I am entering the giveaway! yay!
    – Heather

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