1. No joke, one of the best burgers I’ve ever ever had was a broiled cheeseburger from the Embassy Suites near San Fran, so YES to broiling!

    And I love me some turkey burgers, so this recipe looks delish – thanks for sharing!

  2. Wait….you broil your turkey burgers? Genius! I always do them on the grill pan. What an awesome tip. Thank you!

  3. yummmmm turkey burger looks great!

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    xoxo =)

  4. I love a good turkey burger & pepper jack cheese? Yes please! Ps I’m following you now on Instagram, I just joined & am obsessed with it!

    1. oh man. travesty. red robin is my happy place (second to chipotle of course). but for real. i lurve red robin. haha i am a mexican food connoisseur so i have to make my own salsa! 🙂 lol

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