It Was Mint to Be + I’m in three places at once!

July 18, 2012·

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still being molly: mint jeans, patterned blouse, and purple heelsYou guys, I would be lying to you if I said I didn’t love this outfit. I love this outfit. It’s easily my most crazy, risky, bold outfit I’ve worn. Yes, even more so than the sequin shorts.

But for reals.

I was only five minutes out the door and this exchange happened:

*SCENE* I’m in a local gas station getting my morning fountain Diet Coke. I’m in this outfit. In walks about 15 carpet cleaning company dudes. I’m standing in line waiting to pay for my Diet Coke.

  • Carpet cleaning dude 1 (with extremely thick southern accent): Excuse me, ma’am.
  • ME: Yes?
  • Carpet cleaning dude 1: I really like your outfit.
  • ME (feeling totally awkward all of a sudden): Thanks, man.
  • Carpet cleaning dude 2:Yeah, ma’am. Killin’ it.
  • ME: Urrhm thank you. *slurps Diet Coke very loudly*
  • Carpet cleaning dude 3: Way to go, Frank. You made her sip her Diet Coke.

I don’t know how to talk to strangers. I’m awkward.

Regardless, in both an awkward way and kinda encouraging way I was like, “Well dang, if carpet cleaning dudes notice my outfit, I guess I did okay?” I don’t know. Either way, I laughed about it.

still being molly: mint jeans, patterned blouse, and purple heelsAlso, before I go any further, I wanted to let y’all know I’m guest posting on Magnolia Grace Style’s blog AND Fabric Strips and Ruby Lips! I’m in three places at once! WOOHOO! Ashley and Roxie are both freaking awesome, so go check them out. I’m talking about chambray and my festival music style and I’m making jokes. You know, standard fare.

I know, I’m late to the mint jeans bandwagon. But as most of you know, I’m cheap. I don’t wanna pay full price for anything. And even at $24.99, I didn’t want to pay full price for mint jeans from Target.

Well, Targets newest printable coupons came out last week… and low and behold a $5 off any women’s denim was in the mix. Mint jeans for $19? I THINK SO. It was “mint” to be, as I like to say.

Now these here shoes you see below? Also from Target. And I happened to snatch them up a few months ago when they were $14.98… with a BOGO coupon which made them… $7! BOOM, y’all! Now, they’re not on sale online, BUT still… at $30, not bad.

I. Love. These. Shoes.

This blouse? I got it from a local boutique here in Chapel Hill called Fab’rik. The owner is awesome, the clothes are ADORABLE, and they’re all REALLY reasonably priced. Sadly they don’t have a website where you can see their items, but they always post new stuff to their Facebook page here.

I caved and got this blouse on one of my “Oh I’ll just stop in and see what they have” trips. It called to me. I’d also had a good week at work and I felt like it was my own little personal bonus. Or something. Right? Right.

And I knew that my new, fun, reward blouse and my new coupon-purchased mint jeans would be a match made in bold color heaven.

I can’t take myself seriously. I try. I really do. But I just can’t. I feel silly and awkward, but you know what, I’m just keepin’ it real, y’all.

Outfit Deets:

What do you think? Would you wear this much mint? Are you cheap like me when it comes to “trends”? As in, you don’t want to pay full price for something when you’re afraid of it going out of style in three months?

Are you as awkward as I am when a stranger tries to give you a compliment? I really do wish I was better at taking compliments. I suck at it. I like to use humor as a defense mechanism for addressing the real issue at hand: my insecurity. WOOP WOOP!! Gee, can you tell?

Anyway, y’all. Happy Wednesday! What are you wearing / doing / eating / sharing on this fab Wednesday?

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