1. Hey gorgeous! LOOOOOVE this outfit. It is awesome. You are awesome. and beautiful. (feeling uncomfy, yet?) I get that. I am totally the same way. Although truthfully there is just something a wee bit freaky about having guys comment on one’s clothing. One’s person, yes, totally normal (if a bit icky occasionally), but one’s clothes??? Ummmm…. not so sure about that. My darling hubby doesn’t know a wedge from a stiletto and if you ask him if likes the color mint, he’ll look at you like you’re from mars (mint is for gum). (Maybe I should have said ‘from Venus’) Anywho ….. Happy wednesday, girl. Love those jeans!

  2. Bahaha! LOL at the gas station exchange with those guys! That is the best thing I’ve read all day. “Way to go man…you made her slurp her diet coke.” How perfectly awkward AND awesome 🙂
    XO – Marion
    ps – by the way, I love you in turquoise. Or mint. Whatever you want to call it, it is a killer color on you 🙂

  3. So many things to say! First, I love this outfit. It looks fabulous! Secondly, I LOVE FAB’RIK! We have a few here in Atlanta. Thirdly, I always think I did a good job when someone who does’t know me compliments me on an outfit. Yay for that! Fourth, I still feel awkward in front of the camera. But as you said – it’s just us!! And Fifth, I do not like to buy anything full price unless a) it’s something non-trendy that won’t go out of style, b) it’s fabulous quality, or c) I’ve been thinking about buying it forever and it’s just not going on sale, or the quantity is getting low and I know I’ll regret not getting it. You’re not alone!


  4. I love the mint paired with the bold blue shoes – so striking and gorgeous! I love that complment you got too, so sweet! 🙂 I’m definitely cheap with passing trends too, but if it’s something I really love and can see myself wearing in the future even if it’s currently trendy, I might be persuaded to spend more!

  5. Thanks for the heads up on the Target coupon! Like you, I can’t stand to pay full price for any trend or anything at Target, I’m always using their coupons or waiting until it goes on sale. Funny story with the carpet guys, you crack me up!

  6. i love love love this outfit! seriously, everything about it. i am normally not awkward when it comes to accepting compliments, but i might be if i were at a gas station and a huge group of carpet cleaners were there!

  7. HA, I love this story…can’t believe those carpet guys! You know you’ve done good when a random (male) stranger tells you he enjoys your outfit. I’m always awkward when talking to strangers too…I never know what to say. And I love the mint jeans! I was in pursuit of a pair myself for months and couldn’t find the perfect color…finally I walked into H&M one day and had my very own mint to be moment. I think I only paid around $20 for mine as well…I was very happy with my purchase. PS I love this outfit — it’s so wild/fun! 🙂

  8. whooaa this is my favorite outfit of yours by far so I’m gona have to agree with the carpet cleaners on this one! And I can’t wait to meet up and disucss the TriFABB event, I’m sooooo excited!

  9. Um, I am loving every single thing about this outfit. The shirt, the jeans, the shoes. Girl, those shoes are HOT. And if I saw you at a gas station, I’d stop you to tell you that your outfit is awesome too.

    I totally laughed at the last line… “you made her sip her diet coke”, hahaha.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  10. This is one of the cutest outfits I have seen on WWW today. I LOVE those shoes! New follower from WWW. hope to get a follow back!

  11. I’m terrible at taking a compliment from anyone! especially when it comes to what I’m wearing. I love your story though…I can totally imagine it. And thanks for tipping me off on the Target coupons. I need to try those out!

    1. glad i’m not the only one!! i always feel so funky when people compliment me. i don’t know why. it’s weird. and yes! go get you some of those target coupons! they’re the BEST!!

  12. So bold and I Love it! I’ve always wanted some color skinny jeans, but I am scared of them for some reason!!! Ah, I need to get over it and start rocking them like you!

  13. I want those jeans so badly!! I wonder if I can still find a coupon!! and what a fun shirt! you are looking pretty fancy in this outfit! : )

  14. Ummmm….yes! The carpet cleaning dudes were right, you absolutely KILLED this outfit-murdered it to be exact! I love all the mint and what I love even more is that you paid a fraction of the cost for the items. I desperately need to hook my printer up so that I can take advantage of all the new Target coupons out there. Until next time lady-keep killing ’em!


    1. thank you SO much! I don’t think i’ve ever been so flattered to hear that I ‘murdered’ something hahahaah am i going to be put on some kind of watch list now? i swear! it’s clothes! 🙂 and yes, definitely take advantage of the target coupons. they have awesome deals!

  15. Good grief this could quite possibly be my favorite outfit I have seen you wear… and I have had some pretty strong favorites in the past. LOVE it. The cleaning guys were dead on, you rocked it. And heck no it’s not too much mint. Is there such a thing these days? 🙂

    1. thank you so much, susie! yeah it was pretty hilarious – they were just the last people on the planet that i would ever think would make a comment about my outfit (or anyone else’s outfit for that matter… LOL :))

    1. thank you SO much, anna! seriously. that means SO MUCH coming from you! you’re one of my style icons, girl. you always look so fabulous! can’t wait to see your latest post on lauren’s site!!

    1. hahaha love it. thank you so much, heather! it’s definitely not an outfit you can “blend in” in. too many “in” words. haha .. but seriously thank you 🙂

  16. I agree, I hate paying to much for trendy items, but Ill pay a little extra for colorful denim. (I love it so much, it doesnt matter if it goes out of style, I’ll wear it forever!^_^) I love how you styled your mint jeans with this top, these colors all look so yummy together. (And I love the bold pop of your shoes, the darker blue works so well with the mint!)

    1. amen, katie! amen! spending too much for trendy items is a risk for me. i like to play it safe (money wise that is lol) and thank you so much for the kind words 🙂 it’s hard to tell from the pic but the shoes are actually purple… sadly my camera lighting / coloring isn’t the best so it distorts the colors a little bit. oh well… but now you have me thinking blue would be PERFECT for this!! 🙂

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