A room + closet tour!! AND a very special birthday message

July 19, 2012·

You guys, Happy Thursday. I’m not going to ramble like I usually do in the text, because most of today’s post is a VIDEO. Woot! Remember the last time I did a video? Ahhh thems were good times.

I decided to take y’all on a mini room/closet tour. Most of it is awkward banter, but my dogs do make a cameo and I show you the redneck way we keep cool in our home.

Watch the video. You won’t regret it. I think. Can’t see the video? Click here to be taken to the video on the YouTubes.

That happened. Do you have a room / closet tour to share? I’d love to see it! Post a link in the comments below! (also, here’s the link to the room makeover I mentioned in the video)

Also, today’s post is a special one because there’s a special birthday today. My adorable, hilarious, amazing, and, well, only nephew is TWO YEARS OLD TODAY. Holy moly he is two. I can’t wait to see him tonight and give him the COOLEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVAR.


John and I are going to be the coolest Aunt and Uncle ever. Okay, maybe not EVER… but we’re gonna be pretty cool. Well, we are ALREADY cool, but you know. At the party. Kyle. Our nephew. Gonna love our gift. Yep.

Anyway, I just thought, in honor of my adorable nephew’s 2nd birthday, I’d share some pictures of him over the last two years:

[in the hospital after he was born. LOOK AT THAT PUNIM!]

[my sister, BIL, and kyle in the hospital. SOCUTE]

[kyle during his hilariously chubby stage… maybe six months old?]

[kyle’s 1st birthday]

[kyle on his first birthday – future GQ cover model?!]

[me, my sister, BIL, kyle, and the hubster on kyle’s 1st birthday and Christening]

[kyle at 22 months old. seriously. that face. i can’t handle him.]

[the most adorable deputy ring bearer EVER]

Happy 2nd Birthday, Kyle!! Uncle John and Aunt Molly love you SOOOOO much. 🙂

all for now.