1. aw, it sounds like you had a fabulous weekend. nothing beats fun date nights with fun memories and finding a ten dollar bill 🙂
    xo TJ

  2. that picture of hubs kissing you is the cutest picture I’ve ever seen. you guys are a great auntcle. Looks like you had a super fun week and sounds like you are about to have a super fun weekend.

  3. First things first, I really really want cake now! Anyway I agree, date night is the best.. especially when you have a boyfriend so clearly amazing at matching his shoes! 🙂 Hahaha. John and I love date night too, we only get to do it a couple times a month so its a real treat when that time comes around. Your nephew is adorable..looks like he really loved his bday present. 🙂


  4. Finding free money on the ground is awesome! Hoping one day I’ll find a 100 dollar bill 🙂

    That is hilarious that your hubby was wearing 2 different boots, ha!
    Have a great weekend, Molly!

  5. you really are a great auntie…what a great present. and kudos to your sister for making that amazing cake! i make my kids fancy cakes every year for their birthdays, but they never look like that! happy friday!

  6. This is a great post! That cake is amazing & you look so pretty in your wedding pic!

    This weekend I’ll be working and visiting my newborn niece in CT. I’m also celebrating NY’s restaurant week with a girls dinner to an amazing steakhouse this evening, so right now I’m relishing in thoughts of the food that’s to come. Lol

    Enjoy your weekend!

    XO Monica

  7. You’re such a good soul Molly – you can just tell it from your pictures and the way that you carry yourself! Love the pictures, have a great weekend!

  8. Ha! I feel for your husband. I once wore two completely different pairs of black pointy toe flats to work. Didn’t realize until dismissal, when one of my students pointed it out! 🙂

    That cake is AMAZING. Cannot believe your sister made that. She’s really talented.

    Oh my Instagram name is nilvero. Love following new people!

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