Friday High Fives! + Insta-Friday

July 20, 2012·

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You guys! Happy Friday!I am actually off to Virginia Beach for the weekend for my little sister’s bridal shower and bachelorette party! No, not my biological little sister… my little sister from my sorority.

This girl: Isn’t she a beaut? 🙂 She was a bridesmaid in my wedding and I can’t wait for her wedding in October!

Anyway. It’s going to be a whirlwind trip up and back to VA, but I know it’ll be fun to see and spend time with some old college friends!

On to this week’s high fives via Instagram! Are you on Instagram? Leave your name in the comments and I’ll follow you. I love stalking people’s pictures! In the LEAST creepy way possible.

[1. Date nights. Hubs and I went to dinner at the first restaurant we ever went to on a “real” date. And then we walked around the parking lot outside the place where our wedding reception was and giggled. It was awesome.]

[2. FINDING $10 on the ground! WOOP! I’m leaving Wal-mart, happened to look down… and BOOM! There’s $10 on the ground. I looked around to see if anyone had dropped it and nope – not a person in sight.]

[3. Hubs is more fashion forward than I thought he was. So we went out to dinner one night and as we’re walking into the restaurant, he looks down and starts laughing. He didn’t realize it but he had put two completely different cowboy boots on before he left the house. Hilarious. I told him he was a trendsetter. He rolled his eyes at me. :)]

[4. Giving our nephew Kyle the best birthday present EVER! Oh man we were SO excited about this… Kyle turned TWO yesterday and so we went to my sister’s house to spend time with the fam and give him his birthday present. He LOVES Toy Story and LOVES Buzz Lightyear, so when we saw this sweet Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Mobile, we knew we had to get it.

This is “Uncles” as Kyle says it, showing Kyle his new mobile.

Kyle learning the ropes of his new wheels.

He couldn’t quite figure out how to drive it… so he decided to PUSH it up the driveway.

[4. My sister made THIS AMAZING CAKE for Kyle’s birthday! My sister is an AMAZING baker and cake designer… seriously. I mean, she made the cake for our wedding – but when I saw this cake she made for Kyle’s birthday, my mouth dropped. The picture doesn’t do it justice. The amount of detail she put into the sea creatures on the cake is AMAZING. Kyle loves fish and octopus and sharks and she had ALL those things on his cake. And the coral! The coral was SO COOL!… not to mention how DELICIOUS the cake was.]

[5. Getting to love on family. Seriously. I love this kid so much. It’s so awesome watching his personality develop. And that smile? GAH. Gets me every time.]

And Uncles playing with Kyle? Melt my heart. Seriously.

Anyway, yeah. It was a great week and I know this weekend is going to be awesome, too! What are YOU up to this weekend?!

BTW – do you live in the Raleigh / Durham / Chapel Hill area? Looking for a place to eat on Sunday? We’re having a fundraiser at Moe’s Southwest Grill across from Southpoint Mall on Sunday. Details are here in the Facebook event!

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