1. Hahah, that is hilarious!! And a little bit weird, too. lol

    Awww, the linky isn’t available any more. =( But I love that mint skirt. So pretty!!

    1. OH NOES! the linky tool company didn’t update my subscription… i’m getting it fixed ASAP!! check back in a lil bit and it’ll be live again! 🙂 thanks so much for letting me know, tiffany!!!

  2. Wow this is a lovely post, hehe! This linkup is so cute.
    Thank you for following my blog! I love yours and followed through Bloglovin’.


  3. First off, I totally thought that skirt was just a really big puffy bubble skirt. I was thinking, “Wow Molly…that is very avant gard of you!” LOL!
    Second, I love your stories. You make me laugh.
    That is all.
    XO – Marion

  4. So, I was definitely drawn to your blog when I saw the picture of what I thought was a girl in a tutu on the Weekend Linkup! I adore that picture. SO funny!
    Don’t ya love moments like that?! I’ve had stuff like that happen to me too. Crazy, for sure.
    My friends always make fun of me for making conversation with just about anybody..whether it be in an elevator, a bathroom, or standing in line for movie tickets. Nothing wrong with being friendly : )
    Love your blog! Newest follower!

    1. hahah love it! yeah i wish it was a tutu. i kinda wish tutus were okay to wear all the time! 🙂 thank you so much for your sweet comment, kristen! following your blog, girl!

  5. CA-RAAAAAAA-ZY!!…But kinda dope at the same time…one of those WHAT in WORLD moments…but it had to mean SOMETHING??…Why would you guys just bump into each other AGAIN 300 miles away from the OG locale??… Exchange deets??

    Anywhoo…Molly you’re uber AMAZEballs and you totally won me over as a new follower…

    Be Blessed, Girlie!! <3

  6. That story is CRAZY! What an interesting thing to happen. Its so random how we come in contact with people!
    I would be that awkward girl who’s like…”are we supposed to be friends??” – creepy.
    Love the blog! Thanks for the hop, its nice as a new blogger to get to know some awesome people!
    Love it <3

  7. Molly, that is an awesome story!!! I sat next to a guy on a flight to Madrid once – we didn’t really talk much – basic pleasantries and “could I get by you to go to the restroom?” sort of talk. A few weeks later I ran into him at a restaurant in town, and Madrid is a big city! It was surreal. Hope you had a great weekend, and I cannot get enough of that mint skirt on you!

  8. Woah, that is a crazy story. You have a friendly stalker, Molly! You are a real celeb now! Also, that photo of you in your blue look is just the cutest thing.

  9. I love you in that skirt, first of all. You look super adorbs and I would have said that to you in the elevator as well. What a crazy story,such a small world!

    One year I was vacationing in Miami with a friend. We were visiting another friend and she randomly took us to a some restaurant in another town. I went to use the bathroom and ran into a girl that I had gone to high school with… she was also vacationing in FL (in another random town). So weird.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  10. Can I just say small world experiences are one of the joys of my life. I seriously love them and love hearing about them. It is NUTS that you bumped into her again!

  11. You look so cute in your bridal shower outfit – so perfect for a girlie, fun day! I hope you guys had a blast at the shower! I’m still obsessed with that skirt and still haven’t bought one, but I’m becoming more convinced every day… And that is freaking crazy that you saw the same girl the next day! I would be freaking out too, and probably thinking it was some sign from the universe – maybe you’re meant to be best friends or something! 🙂 Also, I totally forgot to mention YOLO Mondays on my post today even though I intended to link up, but I fixed it so it should be showing up in today’s pos tnow! 🙂

  12. That is WILD! Stuff like that always totally freaks me out. Anyway, sounds like you had an amazing weekend and I love love love that skirt!!


  13. Oh gosh girl that is so freaky!!! Haha. I’ve never experienced anything like that, but my mom does say there’s a look a like of me running around town. I just hope she doesn’t commit any crimes lol.

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