1. I never really got into the Bachelor/Bachelorette shows…which is surprising because pretty much anything else that’s a reality tv train wreck has me written all over it…I did see a couple episodes this season and Jef does look just like Rick Astley!! HAHAHAHA!

  2. I’m a huge Bachelorette fan! I love Emily although I catch it on Hulu whenever I have time so I’m wayyyyy behind right now… I need to catch up on my episodes : )

  3. I love this look, Molly! My long pearls are one of my favorite pieces! So fun that you got to pair them with this outfit and replicate the Bachelorette style. 🙂
    – Heather

  4. You have every right to be inspired by her fashion choices…she ALWAYS looks amazing and I love your take on it! I dont watch anymore…I cant or else i get too hooked and I have waaaaaay too much going on to get hooked on yet another reality show…

  5. Okay, I think I am the only girl who did not watch this season. But from what I have seen, Emily does have some rockin’ style and so do you, my sweet Molly! Love the skirt!

  6. I’m not a Bachelorette watcher, but I can always appreciate a good Rick Astley reference! 🙂 Great outfit, I love the chambray with pearls, and the skirt is too adorable! I love how you used what you already had to make this outfit too, yay for remixing!

  7. yep, i’m officially in love with the bachelorette and the bachelor. i always hook line and sinker with everything jef with one f was saying. seriously, aren’t they the cutest?! and yes, emily is pretty much near perfect! in love with her style!!!
    xo TJ

  8. I love this! You look so adorable. 😉 And not really any kind of reality tv fan. Although I do love that Rick Astley song. (Did he actually ever sing anything else?) 😉 🙂 Too funny. Happy tuesday, pretty lady!

  9. oh my golly i love this!! seriously, what a great outfit. i don’t watch that show, but i agree, she has great taste (at least in clothes)…although i like your version better.

  10. Your blog posts are so fun to read, seriously you are so cute and hilarious! I love this look though, and I must admit I like it better than the look you used for inspiration 🙂 The chevron pattern on your skirt makes the look more fun, and of course the costume jewelry! 🙂


    1. aw thanks, stephanie! that’s seriously the biggest compliment you could give me (i.e. that my blog is fun to read) – i try to write how i talk and i hope that people sometimes get a giggle or two… so it really does mean a lot! and thank you so much for your sweet note! you are awesome, girl!

  11. I love this!! I’m so bad about recreating looks I see on celebs. But this is perfect. You’ve let her inspire your very own look and I love it! You should totally tweet this to her. Maybe she’ll comment on your blog and you can be a little bit famous! lol

  12. LOL! The similarities are definitely there! AND YES I love Emily’s style! Such a great look and perfect take on it! You look gorgeous!

  13. I LOVE this outfit on you! You also look like your having so much fun. I need to start watching the bachelorette because of the fashion. You look beautiful- you have such a wonderful body and I hope you have a great Tuesday!

    1. thank you SO much, annie! i seriously LOVED everything she wore – and i definitely loved jef in the end… sean was my fave but jef really grew on me. he was so funny and they were so adorable together!! they were like middle schoolers!

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